Woody Allen Net Worth

Who is Woody Allen and what is his net worth 2018? Woody Allen is a critically and commercially acclaimed filmmaker. He has also experimented with comedy, acting, writing, music, and playwright in his career. His most popular work includes ‘Manhattan’, ‘Annie Hall’, ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’, ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’, ‘Match Point’, and ‘Stardust Memories’. Popular critic Roger Ebert considers Allen to be “a treasure of the cinema”.

Allen Stewart Konigsberg aka Heywood Allen was born in 1935, 1st December to Nettie and Martin Konigsberg. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York with his younger sister named Letty.

Woody Allen Net Worth 2018-2019

He had a very rocky childhood, with unstable parents, who didn’t get along. When Allen was in High School he was more interest in Basketball and other sports, which is poles apart from his current comic persona. He was popular as a kid for pulling flawless card tricks and other magic tricks.

When Allen was 17, he officially became Heywood Allen, by changing his name legally. He enrolled in New York University in film and communication course in 1953, by dropped out after failing in ‘Motion Picture Production’.

Allen married his first wife Harlene Susan Rosen in 1956 and they divorced in 1962. He married his second wife in Louise Lasser in 1966 but also ended in divorce in 1970. Currently, he is married to his third wife Soon-Yi Previn whom he married in 1977.

Allen also dated his partner, Mia Farrow for a brief time before his marriage with Soon-Yi, and adopted two kids with and also had a biological kid with her. Mia won the custody of all three children. However, it was bitter custody battle which made headlines worldwide.

Woody Allen has five kids’ children two sons named Moses Farrow and Ronan Farrow and three daughters named Dylan Farrow, Manzie Tio Allen and Bechet Dumaine Allen.

He started off his career as a writer in his teens when he used to write jokes for a newspaper to make some extra pocket money. Later he became a teacher at The New School.

From early 1960 – 1969 he actively performed Stand-up acts, which made him significantly popular across the country. Allen wrote in first play ‘Don’t Drink the Water’, which was adapted into a film in 1969. Allen even directed and acted in the second version of this play in 1994, which was made as a TV series.

He considers ‘Match Point’, ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo and Her Sisters’ and ‘Stardust Memories’ to be his best films. Popular critic Roger Ebert considers Allen to be “a treasure of the cinema”.

Woody Allen has done over 50 films, written a dozen successful plays and directed some amazing art pieces. ‘Allie Hall’ considered is considered his most successful works till date.

He has been awarded and nominated with some of the most prestigious awards in the American film industry including Academy Awards, British Academy awards, 2 Golden Globes, 1 Directors Guild of America awards, 5 Writers Guild of America Awards, American Comedy Awards, 1 Saturn Awards, and Berlin International Film Festival. He has won 10 BAFTA awards. His work is based on satirical observational humour which connects with almost every age group.

Woody Allen Net Worth

Woody Allen has a net worth of over $90 million. This world renowned movie maker has made his net worth, by acting, writing, directing and as a Stand-Up comedian. He is amongst one of those artists who is still getting royalties for their beautiful work. He has blessed the film industry with some of the most legendary films.

Woody Allen is without a doubt, one of the most precious and influential, gem of Hollywood industry, who brought comedy in the critical and commercial light and established it as a new popular genre of movies.