Wolfgang Puck Net Worth

American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and actor Wolfgang punk is globally recognized for his restaurant, catering services, his cooking style books and products of Wolfgang Puck Company. Wolfgang also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and recognized by many respected awards.

Wolfgang Puck has made $100 million US dollars net worth by his vast chef career. He has his own catering services and cooking books which gives much guidance to his audience. In year 1982 he creates Puck-Lazaroff Charitable Foundation for charity purpose.

Wolfgang Puck Net Worth 2017-2018

Wolfgang Puck was born on July 8, 1949 Austria. Her mother used to work as a pastry chef and Wolfgang learned to cook from his mother. He moved to U.S. in 1973, there he worked in U.S. Top 40 restaurant. He appeared in Iron Chef and afterwards he started cooking show on Food Network, and in American Idol as well. Wolfgang is person with pure heart who always ready to help needy people. He has his own charitable trust, and it contributes American Wine & Food Festival. His charity trust contributed more than $15 million on it, and $10 million to Ireland Cancer Foundation.

Wolfgang married thrice and has total four children.

First, he married Marie France Trouillot in 1975 and divorced in 1980. Then he married Barbara Lazaroff in 1983 in year 2003 the couple divorced. In year 2007 Wolfgang met Gelila Assefa and married her and currently Gelila is her wife, the couple has two kids. Wolfgang is Celebrity chef his personal life including spending time with family, management of his restaurants, charity work and cooking innovations.

Wolfgang’s career basically started in his early childhood when he started learning the basics of cooking from his pastry chef mother. At age of 24 he moved to U.S. to became a professional chef. Afterwards he also published his first cooking book based on modern French cooking for American people.

In year 1982 he opened restaurant Spago who was the top 40 in U.S. till 2004. After that year he started Wolfgang Companies who providing full facilities to their customer regarding all catering services. Wolfgang made his cooking career in style of California, French, and Fusion of many other styles. Wolfgang companies has 20 restaurants.

In 1994 Wolfgang’s first restaurant Spago won James Beard Restaurant of the Year’ Award. Wolfgang also won ‘Daytime Emmy Award’ for Outstanding Service TV Show. In year 2005 Spago won ‘Outstanding Service Award’ by James Beard Foundation. Wolfgang also recognized by a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his admirable work in the Television industry. Wolfgang also named International Food service Manufacturers Association in May 20, 2017.

How much is Wolfgang Puck Net Worth in 2017

Wolfgang Puck has established his cooking and restaurant empire since 1982 and having more than $100 million US dollars net worth as of 2017. Wolfgang companies having more than 20 restaurants across global. Wolfgang also acted in many movies as well as television shows. Chef Wolfgang Puck got educated by Apprenticeship but his work art, his cooking style, talent and his passion and dedication help him to boost up his career, net worth.

Wolfgang Puck is a person with rich heart and of course a celebrity chef with huge net worth. He has his own cooking style which appreciated by his fans. Puck had done many celebrity chef show on television and appeared in many films too. His work commitments and talent grows day by day. Wolfgang puck also working on more than 20 restaurants presently. He is also very much active in charity and had used million on charity purpose. He has own charitable trust who supporting needy people.