William Baldwin Net Worth 2019

Who is William Baldwin and what is his net worth 2019? William Baldwin is renowned as an actor, a producer as well as a writer acknowledged for starring roles in many films throughout his career. Net worth of William Baldwin is grossed mainly from his career in acting and production works.

Early Life

Birthplace of Baldwin is Massapequa, located in New York. He is known to be a son of Carol Newcomb and Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr. The actor’s father worked as a high school teacher as well as a football coach. Moreover, he is known to be brother of actors namely Daniel, Alec, and Stephen, occasionally together recognised as the Baldwin brothers.

William Baldwin Net Worth

He is also brother of sisters namely Beth as well as Jane; all are recognised as the Baldwin family. He was brought up in a Catholic family, and possesses Irish, English, French-Canadian, Scottish, and German ancestry.


Earlier opening his acting based career, Baldwin worked as a fashion model for brand like Calvin Klein. His chief starring role was noted in one TV movie in role of Robert Chambers, with Danny Aiello as well as Lara Flynn Boyle within The Preppie Murder, broadcasted on ABC in year 1989. He too appeared in year 1989 based film entitled as Born on the Fourth of July, featuring Tom Cruise, in which he got minor role in form of a U.S Marine in Vietnam War, also his brothers namely Stephen and Daniel too got smaller roles in the movie.

His leading featured film was noted as Internal Affairs, wherein he was featured alongside Andy García and Richard Gere. Later, he was featured in big-budget type films such as Flatliners with celebs like Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. He has also depicted Chicago firefighter named Brian McCaffrey within Backdraft with Kurt Russell as well as several other stars.

In year 2001, this actor has performed a lead role in a television film entitled as Double Bang which was broadcasted on HBO. After that, Baldwin has continued playing in some other projects like Red Rover during year 2003, Feel, Park and Lenexa, 1 Mile during year 2006, A Plumm Summer, Adrift in Manhattan, Noise, as well as Humble Pie during year 2007.

This actor’s year 2004 based film entitled as Art Heist attained great attentions while it was released on DVD. It was in year 2008 that he has appeared in a comedy film entitled as Forgetting Sarah Marshall which features Jason Segel as well as Kristen Bell, in form of Detective Hunter Rush.

In year 2010, Baldwin was depicted as Dr. Willam van der Woodsen, known as father of Eric van der Woodsen and Serena, on third as well as fourth seasons for Gossip Girl. This actor was even featured along with his brother named Daniel in breast cancer docu-drama by UniGlobe Entertainment entitled as 1 a Minute.

Net Worth of William Baldwin

Net worth of Billy Baldwin’s is assessed to be around $600 thousand. This actor received his professional launch in form of a model working for Calvin Klein and noted his formal acting debut within television movie entitled as “The Preppie Murder” along with Lara Flynn Boyle. The actor later worked to feature in a sequence of high-profile type movies during era of early 90s, comprising “Flatliners”, “Backdraft”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, and “Three of Hearts”.

He earned well during era of mid-to late 1990s as well as early 2000s, as he was featured in independent movies as well as television movies chiefly, prior starting a series of guest starring based roles on diverse television shows. Moreover, he earned well by appearing for multi-episode arcs featured on some programs like “Dirty Sexy Money”, “Waterfront”, “Gossip Girls”, as well as “Parenthood”.

William Baldwin has already crossed the age of 50 in his life, but there is no sign of inefficiency or his retirement from his acting career. Initially working as a fashion model, he later got boost in his career as an actor and he also focused on production works.