Will Kopelman Net Worth 2018

Who is Will Kopelman and what is his net worth 2018? Will Kopelman is an American actor and art consultant born on 7th July 1978 in New York, United States in an effluent family. His father Arie Kopelman was a former Chanel COO and President for the same company. He had a royal background as his grand – father served as a World War II veteran and Will still wears his dog tags as a memory. Will is known for his debut role in the movie Intern (2000), Friendly Fire (2006) and TV serial named Entertainment tonight and much more.

He has been a successful consultant to many high – end clients like Lake Bell, Robert Pattinson and Zooey Deschanel. From the start he had an interest in art and aimed to become a consultant one day. He got married to Drew Barrymore in the mid 2012 at Montecito, California when she was pregnant with their first child. Drew had two other marriages before engaging to Will, one in 1994 and 2011 which lasted a month and half a year respectively.

Will Kopelman Net Worth

The couple went ahead to have 2 beautiful daughters Olive Barrymore Kopelman (2012) and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman (2014). Due to some problems the couple confirmed their divorce through a statement followed by the court date on 3rd August 2016. He is a passionate about movies and snowboarding and loves to fire guns whenever he gets the opportunity is what he told during an interview.

Education: Unlike many wealthy families the Kopelman’s knew the importance of education in life and decided to provide their child will the best education possible. They sent Will to Taft School in Connecticut which is a well – reputed boarding school. There he learned the importance of manners and discipline in life. After completing schooling he went ahead to achieve a graduation degree from Boston University, United States.

Net Worth of Will Kopelman

The art lover and occasional actor is estimated at $6 million. He owes his wealth to his consultancy services that is provided to various stars. His occasional performance in movies also contribute significantly.

The actor and consultant earns from his occasional acting in movies as well as TV shows. He majorly earns from his art consultancy services. He endorses a number of brands and also receives sponsorships. Other than the media the actor’s guest appearances in the news as well as the award functions are also chargeable.

Will is an interior art consultant and has provided his advice to many high – profile celebrities in Hollywood. He himself decorated his Los Angeles home extremely beautifully equipped with mesmerising paintings from famous artists as well as use of beautiful leather work. His style represents the clarity in his mind related to his work and the fresh free flow of ideas.

After hearing the official announcement of the divorce between the two, their fans posted a number of photos of the couple with their first daughter olive. There were a massive number of comments on all social media website some expressing sorrow whereas others trying to influence them to rethink their decision. Overall the fans were sad and unhappy.

Will has been recently in the headlines of all news channels, social media and newspapers because of his marriage. The divorce between him and Drew has attracted unnecessary attention as the discussion on the topic of wealth division took place. Though there are significant chances of patch up between the two as they both will mutually take care of their daughters. They have been seen together several times after the divorce month. This has been named as ‘The worst Nightmare’ by the wife Drew Barrymore.

The consultant had a clear head about his career path and worked immensely hard in the same direction to be able to achieve the worth he owns at present. He went to boarding school and good institutions just to make sure that he gains every speck of education that is out there before entering his dream field of job. He has helped many celebrities to achieve new heights with the help of his services and is happy about it. No wonder he has so many fans worldwide.