Wil Wheaton Net Worth 2019

Who is Wil Wheaton and what is his net worth 2019? American actor, voice actor, blogger, and writer Richard William “Wil” Wheaton III is very popular for his portrayal Wesley Crusher in the television series Star Trek and in movie such as Stand By Me, and in Flubber. He is also got second time success on television as guess appearance. Wil awarded Young Artists Award in year 1987 and 1989, respectively. He also got Best Actor in 2014 and Best Hosted Series in year 2014, which proves his talent and his work in industry.

‘The American Icon’ Wil Wheaton has cheers his success to his great fans and his talent. Wil’s success and wealth came from consistently working as an actor, but that is also remarkable he is very active as an internet writer and blogger. Let’s see in detail about this personality.

Wil Wheaton Net Worth

Early Life

Richard Wil Wheaton III was born on July 29 in year 1972 in Burbank, California. His parents Debra Nordean ‘Debbie’ is an actress, and father Richard William Wheaton Jr. is a medical specialist. Wil has two siblings, and both were appeared in the Star Trek’s episode. His sister has also appeared in the movie name ‘The Curse’ in year 1987.


He stared acting in a television and he got fame by his movie Stand By Me. Five year he acted in series Star Trek. He has also gives his voice in many video games, animated movies and audiobooks. Wil always try to do something new which can be seen in his profile he appeared in many genres such as games, audiobooks, comic books, live shows, animation films. He is successful online writer as well as blogger too. He was also active in political party.

Wil Wheaton married Anne Prince on November 7 in year 1999. They live in Arcadia, California. They live with their two sons from a previous relationship whom he legally adopted later.

Wil is an open personality who loves playing guitar, hockey, and also play poker sometimes. He is fan of the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team. Wil supports mental health NGO to raise awareness.

Wil started his career in a television film A Long Way Home but he got fame and attention in movie Stand By Me. He starts work in Star Trek in 1987 till 1991. After that he acted in film Toy Soldiers and then he work in short films. He has also gives his voice to many success audiobooks and video games including GTA san address. Wil also appeared in many internet web series and guest starring appearance.

He also played in series based on a comic book. Wil has played host role in many shows. On his blog he captions many times his love for poker game. He performed in many sketch comedy. He is very active on his blog. He also shows his interest in politics and he was active too in this field nearly 2010. Wil has made his career in multiple filed such as film, television, writing, blogging, voice actor which is one key success to him.

Wil is active on American Television and Film Industry from long time during his career he awarded with the ‘Young Artist Award’ in year 1987 and again in year 1989. In year 2002 he got Best Actor Award and in year 2014 Wil got Best Hosted Series.

Net Worth of Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton’s total net worth is around $3 million. He made million from years of active in the television and film industry. He is very open personality who gives his success credit to his fans and talent. That is also remarkable he is online blogger and writer. He also gives his voice in many films and famous video games such as GTA.

Wil is kind of person who has bunch of experience in the television and films industry. He is popular writer, blogger and voice actor which means he had developed good skills in previous years, many things to learn from him such as continuously work, developing good skills and being humble. Wil also active in NGO who works for depression and mental health.