Wayne Knight Net Worth

Who is Wayne Knight and what is his net worth 2018? Wayne Knight is a comedian and an actor from the United States of America. He appeared in many popular TV series and sitcoms, the appearance that got him to the top was in “Seinfeld” that aired on NBC for 9 years (1989-1998). Wayne Knight appeared in animations too including the famous “Hercules”, his last work is in the crime thriller series “Narcos”.

Wayne Eliot Knight was born on August 7 1955, in New York City, New York. His father, William Edward Knight was working in a textile factory and his mother is Grace Monti, they had to move to Georgia because of his father’s work. Wayne went to the University of Georgia but he dropped out because he wanted to pursue his career in acting.

Wayne Knight Net Worth

He went to Barter Theatre in Virginia to complete an internship, after that Wayne became a member of the Actors’ Equity Association of the United States, so he moved to New York. In 2008. Wayne got his Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Wayne got married twice and divorced once, his first marriage was in 1996 to the makeup artist Paula Sutor and their divorce was in 2003. In 2004, Wayne had an affair with a film editor, her name is Clare De Chenu and they got married after 2 years. Around 2010, Wayne and Clare became the parents of only 1 son, they are all living now together and they seem really happy.

Wayne dropped out of college because he wanted to be an actor, some people around him told him back then that he can never make it, but he did. He completed an internship in Barter Theatre and he got hired by them. After 2 years from moving to New York he received his first job in a theatrical performance which was Gemini around 1977, after that he got many rules in popular films including the romantic drama film “Dirty Dancing” and the adventure film “Jurassic Park”.

In 1996, Wayne appeared in the famous sitcom that aired on NBC “Seinfeld”, he also appeared in TV series including “Against the Grain”, “Assaulted Nuts”, and the sketch comedy series “The Edge “ that aired on Fox Network for 1 year (1992-1993). Wayne also worked in computer-animated comedy films such as “Toy Story 2” and “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”.

Furthermore, he worked on video games, in 2015 he worked in an adventure video game called “Lego Jurassic World”.

Wayne Knight Net Worth

Wayne Knight appeared in more than 100 TV series, films and video games, and for his outstanding performance he was nominated for many awards. Wayne earned Blue Door Award for his amazing performance in the TV series “Thank God You’re Here”. For the sitcom “Seinfeld”, news say that he was paid 160 thousand for each show. Wayne Knight has a net worth of $10 million.

Wayne Knight is a very talented comedian actor, his popularity came from his role in the TV sitcom “Seinfeld”, and he also appears in the famous “Hercules”.