Viggo Mortensen Net Worth

Viggo Mortensen is essentially an American-Danish based actor, musician, photographer, author, poet and painter. It is found that Mortensen attained global attention in the era of early 2000s through his role performed as Aragorn character in the film entitled The Lord of the Rings. Net worth of Viggo Mortensen is inclusive from all the career fields mentioned above, get more details below:

Viggo Mortensen Biography:

Mortensen belonged to New York; his mother was of American origin, while his father was of Danish origin. The actor’s maternal grandfather belonged to Nova Scotia, located in Canada, while his maternal grandmother’s belonged to New England. Initially, the family got shifted to Venezuela, later to Denmark, and finally got settled in Argentina in the areas of Chaco, Córdoba, and Buenos Aires, the places where he studied.

Viggo Mortensen Net Worth 2017-2018

Around these places, Mortensen received a smooth proficiency in Spanish and during this his father worked in poultry farms. When he was 11 years old, his parents got separated and he came back to hometown along with his mother. Here, this actor spent the remaining of his childhood, completing graduation in Watertown, New York in year 1976.

After completing his university studies, earning a bachelor’s degree, he got shifted to Europe and stayed in England, Spain, and Denmark. At these places he took different jobs like riding trucks in Esbjerg and vending flowers in and around Copenhagen. Mortensen finally He returned to US to pursue a career in acting.

Mortensen initially started off his career in acting through his film appearance by performing in Witness. It is revealed that Mortensen really did acting in one prior film entitled The Purple Rose of Cairo, however his scenes were removed from the final shots. Throughout the 1990s, Mortensen made appearance in many supporting roles in diversity of films. Names of such films includes Prison, Young Guns II, The Indian Runner, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, The Crew, etc.

Moreover, additional leading mainstream breakthrough arrived in year 1999; during this a person named as Peter Jackson featured him for role of Aragorn character in The Lord of the Rings film series. Mortensen was also featured in role of Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo, which is essentially the story of an ex-army messenger who tours to Arabia in order to compete with his horse in a hazardous desert competition for a prize. After this, in year 2005, Mortensen was featured in movie- A History of Violence in role of a family man exposed to have had a nasty career.

Discussing about his achievements, after his appearance in the film-Lord of the Rings trilogy, in year 2006, he was bestowed with a doctorate by his alma mater. In the same year, he was bestowed with the Gold Medal of the Province and the City of León, in Spain, adding to his fame. Recently, he got one award named as Best Actor nomination for his character played in Captain Fantastic in the 89th Academy Awards.

Mortensen basically possesses double American-Danish based citizenship and he is talented to speak fluent Danish, English, Spanish and French as well. Moreover, he is too informal in Italian, as well as he better understands Norwegian and Swedish languages.

Focusing on his marital life, Mortensen initially met his wife, who is an actress/singer named Exene Cervenka in year 1986. Mortensen got married to her the next year and his wife delivered birth to a son.

Viggo Mortensen Net worth & Income profile in 2017

Mortensen is more renowned globally as a celebrity who worked as actor, musician, poet, photographer as well as painter, recording a high net value of $35 million US dollars as of 2017. In his career, apart from acting, he grossed income as he has written over 15 books encompassing subjects of poetry, painting and photography. This celebrity received roles in many notable films during the 1990’s, adding to his net worth.

Viggo Mortensen managed to maintain his career right from era of 1990s till date, without any sign of downfall.