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Presently of age 77, Vicente Fernandez is recognized as a Mexican based retired singer, actor, as well as a film producer. His nickname is “El Rey de la Música Ranchera” (i.e. The King of Ranchera Music) and he began his career singing for tips right on the street. Moreover, he has since turned out as a cultural icon, worked to record over 50 albums as well as working his share to over 30 films. Net worth of Vicente Fernandez is gained from his career as an actor, singer and film producer, etc. get more details here:

Born in Huentitán El Alto area of Guadalajara Jalisco, Fernandez devoted his initial years on his father named Ramon’s farm on suburbs of Guadalajara. He even served at an early age as a dish washer, waiter, cashier, as well as a manager of restaurant of his uncle. “Chente”, the name by which he was acknowledged to all, became affectionate of calm farm lifestyle. His mom frequently carried him to watch the films of Pedro Infante.

Vicente Fernandez Net Worth 2017-2018

In year 1960, Fernandez contributed himself to work on music for full-time. He came back to Jalisco, in which he acted as a busker as well as seldom featured on the TV show entitled as La Calandria Musical. After some years Fernandez attempted his fluke in Mexico City, the place where he discovered a job of singing in a restaurant named as “El Amanacer Tapatio”.

While he was not functioning, he was ineffectively auditioning for record firms. After getting discouraged, he leaves it during 1963 to wed with Abarca Villasenor. The couple presently has three sons, namely: Vicente Jr., Gerardo, and Alejandro. It is known that Vicente Jr was born as 3 months premature in year 1963 and his mom passed away in the same week.

During spring of year 1966, Javier Solís, known as popular out-dated singer of Mexico passed away. Discos CBS, known as the recording label in Mexican section of CBS Records International, presented Fernández a recording agreement. The singer launched his initial recording entitled “Perdóname”, through this company in year 1966. It is found that Fernandez still works to record for the label, this is currently Sony Music Latin of Sony Music Entertainment.

Moreover, he split into career of acting through year 1971 film entitled as Tacos al Carbón. His leading hit film, for which he actually created soundtrack, was year 1974’s La Ley del Monte. Furthermore, he halted acting during 1991. In year 1970, when Fernandez was prepared to perform onstage, his father passed away.

Astounded by the sad news but resolute not to allow the crowd leave without attending a show, he performed onstage. By completion of the night, the censors were associating him to other renowned ranchera based artists such as Jorge Negrete, José Alfredo Jiménez, as well as Javier Solís. After this incident, his music has extended quickly.

Throughout his career, Fernandez has worked to record over 50 albums in span of 35 years. Moreover, he claims to have recorded more than 300 more songs, creating additional 30 albums possible though he retires. Whenever the singer records an album, he devotes 12 to 13 hours in studio for recording up to 18 different songs.

How much is Vicente Fernandez Net worth in 2017

Vicente Fernandez is by now familiar as an actor, producer and singer having exceptional net worth of $26 million US dollars as of 2017. The celebrity earned his net worth by his several Latin based films as well as his performances delivered on stage in form of a singer, and also from his several tours and recordings. This singer began working on his career by singing for tips on street, and progressed to become a Mexican based cultural icon, recording over 50 albums as well as contributing to different movies.

Vicente Fernandez has presently crossed age of 70s and retired but he still possesses same enthusiasm o even record more songs as the one he owned in his youth. His fame is high as he recorded over 50 albums.