Van Vicker Net Worth

Who is Van Vicker? What is net worth of Van Vicker? The African movie industry is as fierce and competitive as Hollywood or even Bollywood and one of the most recognizable faces to come out of Nollywood is actor Van Vicker. He has acted in upwards of 35 movies to date and his fans in Africa adore him so much that he has become a household name in Africa now! This is one of the rare actors who have a unique heritage and are proud of it. Vicker may be a Ghanian actor but his father is Dutch and his mother is Liberian.

Vicker was born on the first of August 1977 in Ghana to mixed descent parents making him part Liberian and part Dutch. His father passed away when Van was about six years old leaving him in the care of his mother. His mother took care of him very responsibly and toured the world along with him often making him state that he considered himself a global citizen because his mother raised him in different places.

Van Vicker Net Worth 2017-2018

Mfansipim, the alma mater of UN secretary general Kofi Annan was also the place where Van studied. He went to the school along with fellow actor Majid Michel. Due to his father passing at a young age, Van always considered his mother to be his role model and strived to earn her respect.

Career: A career in the limelight began for Van after the turn of the century. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Van was a radio host and presenter at various channels and was also a local TV personality. During this period of being on TV and radio, he became pretty popular locally. His first TV series Sun City was his big break that would catapult him to fame. In it, he plays a boy from the US who has come to Suncity for his education. Even though the series ran only for 10 episodes, Van quickly became very popular.

All of his fame, however, would not have been possible if not for the producer of the first film Van was in, Divine Love. In this film, he was only a supporting character but the producer of the movie saw potential in him and decided to take a calculated risk of casting him in the lead role in his next film. It paid off surprisingly well leading to super stardom for Van overnight! He then settled in a particular mold which was the lead male in romantic films where he was paired opposite some actresses. One of these actresses was the beautiful Nadia Buari with whom he was often rumored to be in a relationship with.

Van Vicker Net Worth

Van Vicker has a net worth of $0.8 million US dollars as of 2017. Having a strong footing in the Nollywood industry helped rake in the riches for Van. He was part of more than 30 films all of which were hugely popular in Ghana as well as Africa as a whole. He became a household name and is loved by his fans. It has been a steady progress for Van to come to this stage. He is also the brand ambassador for the Globalcom Telecommunications Company which also helped in increasing his net worth.

In 2003, Van Vicker married Adjoa Vicker and they now have three beautiful children. Van is very particular about spending time with family as he feels that the passing of his dad affected him and his kids should not go through the same. Van has been happily married to Adjoa for more than 13 years and they have a strong, trusting relationship which is important in an industry which is fond of starting rumors.

One of Van’s greatest achievements has to be the starting of his own production house which further raised his status and even won him several awards. He started producing films under the banner of Sky+ Orange Production house from the year 2008.

Van was also the first actor to give importance to his roots and had the urge to develop the cinema industry in his home country. This is the reason he has opened the Van Vicker Training facility that trains the youth in the field of acting. He also has a Van Vicker foundation that reaches out to youth in poverty and helps them with their education and employment. So Van is the perfect example of giving back to the society. He is loved by his fans for this reason only.