Troye Sivan Net Worth

Who is Troye Sivan? What is net worth of Troye Sivan? Troye Sivan is a famous South Africa-born Australia singer, actor and writer specialized in songs. The genres in which Troye Sivan excelled are the Dreampop and Electropop. He released his first major label EP named TRXYE in the year 2014. He is an exclusive video maker on the famous platform named YouTube and he acquired around four million subscribers and the views of nearly 241 million.

He was born to Shaun Mellet and Laurelle Mellet in the year 1995 in a place called Johannesburg, South Africa and he resides in another place called Perth, Western Australia. His parents belonged to Australia and his father is an agent in real estate and his mother is a homemaker. The major instruments which are used by Troye Sivan for his albums and other purposes are Bass guitar, Piano, and vocals.

Troye Sivan Net Worth 2017-2018

Troye Sivan Net Worth

The net worth of this one of the best singers and writers is estimated to be a sum of $2.2 million US dollars as of 2017. He is successfully earning a considerable amount from the release of his music videos and his acting in various films. The other sources of income are the advertisements and sources like YouTube videos, television shows, extended plays, etc. He is also earning a lot in making the series of films like Spud in three parts continuously and other films.

Troye Sivan Assets

Troye Sivan is the proud owner of many cars and houses in the places like South Africa, where he was born and in Australia where his parents originated from and his family settled. The singer also held many properties under his name which are dispersed in many locations.

Troye Sivan Business Model

Apart from his album making and acting career, Troye Sivanhad started making the YouTube videos since many years and created the video blogs and his channel became the most successful one in Australia. Troye Sivan used to generate the revenue with help of this platform by acquiring the subscribers to his channel and also the increasing number of views for his videos.

The success of Troye Sivan made him a star, video albums and acting mainly compared to other actors and writers of this age in the industry. He holds many records under his name for some of the best albums like Blue Neighborhood, Happy Little Pill, Youth, Wild, etc. With these plays and albums, this actor cum singers career are going on a high since past few years and it is continuing to do so even in the current year.

There are many best Films, Extended Plays and Television shows given by Troye Sivan in all types. The movies like X-Men Origins, Bertrand The Terrible, Spud Trilogy and Television shows like Perth Telethon, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, etc. are some of the best performances of Troye Sivan to watch.

Many awards like Teen Choice Award, New Now Next Award, YouTube Music Award, MTV Europe Music Award, etc. won by him have earned him popularity among most of his fans. He was nominated for the many awards like Heart Radio Music Award, ARIA Music Award, APRA Music Award, South African Film and Television Award, etc. and created a buzz among the people in a very young age.

Troye Sivan powerful video named Heaven was a celebration for the gay community and he incorporated many LGBT themes into his performances and videos when he performs live. He didn’t change his tune for the American President Donald Trump when he ran an anti-LGBT platform against the community. Troye Sivan fought for their rights and equality when their community was opposed to a larger scale.

This singer and actor deserve the credit that he achieved for his performances and he achieved decent success in his career. He has still many videos and albums in the race which are yet to be released in the coming years. He is still a 21-year-old kid who has many chances for becoming one of the best album maker and the YouTube video maker in the world.