Trai Byers Net Worth

Who is Trai Byers? What is net worth of Trai Byers? Born on 19 December 1983 in Kansas City, Trai Byers is an American actor and singer. Of Afro-American descent, his parents had minor links with the television industry. His father was a minor musician whereas his mother used to enact small roles on TV. Therefore, you cannot call this family highly influential in the television industry.

However, Trai changed the scenario with some power-packed performances. He is famous for the role of Andre Lyon in the Fox prime time drama, Empire.

Trai Byers Net Worth 2017-2018

Trai Byers made his debut in the television industry with a small but recurring role in the ABC daytime soap, All My Children. He continued the good work with some decent performances in the C teen soap, 90210.

He had a brief stint in films as well when he played the role of the civil rights activist, James Forman in the film, Selma in 2014. The year 2015 saw the consolidation of Trai in the TV industry with the portrayal of Andre Lyon in the prime time soap Empire.

Trai Byers is a professional actor who takes his work very seriously. He does not like personal matters to bother him in any way. In a way, he places professional ethics over personal problems every time.

He met his future wife, Grace Gealey on the sets of the daytime talk show, FABLife. It was sometime in 2015. They courted for a year before walking down the aisle as husband and wife on 14 April 2016. They do not have any children as on date.

Education: Trai Byers had a decent upbringing from his middle-class parents. Normally middle-class people place great emphasis on education. Trai’s parents are not different in any way.

While he was in Kansas City, he did a year of schooling. Subsequently, the family moved to Georgia. He completed his high-school education in Georgia. He then returned to Kansas to pursue his bachelor’s degree in communications at the University of Kansas. He had a love for acting since his younger days. It could have been in his blood. He attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. He had also been to the Yale School of Drama to brush up his acting skills.

Trai Byers Net Worth

Trai Byers is on the TV and film scene since 2009. His net worth is around $1.8 million US dollars as of 2017. He has not had much of an exposure. Of course, his talent is such that he should have been definitely worth more than the $1.8 million at the end of around eight years in the industry. Most of his earnings should have been from the Fox series soap, Empire.

Trai Byers Assets:

There is not much information about his assets. However, according to unconfirmed sources, he must be having around the entire material assets one associate with people such as house, car, etc.

He considers his family as one of his greatest support at all times. Hence, you can take his wife, Grace Gealey as his strongest asset today.

Trai Byers Business Model:

He started his career after completing his studies. By the time he got his first offer, a role in ‘Caesar and Otto’s summer camp massacre’, he was around 26 years of age. That should count as a late entry into the scene, especially where you have people making it big before they reach even twenty years of age.

He landed a recurring role in a couple of serials thereafter, such as ‘All My Children’ and 90210. A couple of inconsequential assignments followed these two profitable roles. He then went on to portray the civil rights activist, James Forman in the film, Selma.

His next assignment was the path-breaking one for him as he landed the role of Andre Lyon in the popular TV series, Empire.

The couple has taken the vows in April 2016. They do not have any children at present. Maybe, Trai Byers is looking to have children in the near future.

He has plans to improve his fitness. At 6 ft and 1 in, he has a good height. A better physique could land him good roles.

With a net worth of $1.8 million after eight years, you can call him moderately successful. His main aim is to change the situation. Since he has concentrated on his fitness, you can expect him to get better roles thereby improving his chances of scoring high on the income charts.