Tommy Wiseau Net Worth 2018

Who is Tommy Wiseau and what is his net worth 2018? Tommy Wiseau is primarily identified as a Polish-American based actor and film producer. He produced The Room in year 2003, this film has been mentioned by several critics as one among the worst movies made ever as well as attained cult film position. He too directed year 2004 based documentary entitled as Homeless in America as well as year 2015 sitcom entitled as The Neighbours. You may be wandering about getting details of net worth of Tommy Wiseau, you can get it below:

Wiseau is essentially quite private around his initial life. In many interviews being conducted, he has asserted to have resided in France for quite a long time before. Moreover, he too claimed that he was brought up in New Orleans, located in Louisiana. He described having a whole family prevailing in Chalmette, located in Louisiana. In interviews conducted after launch of The Room back in year 2003, this actor stated an age which just mentioned that his birth year is 1968 or 1969.

Tommy Wiseau Net Worth

However, actor named Greg Sestero asserts in 2013 chronicle entitled as The Disaster Artist that girlfriend of his brother attained replicas of Wiseau’s U.S. settlement papers as wellas perceived that he was born quite before than what he stated.


As per Sestero, he served on many different jobs in San Francisco Bay region, comprising restaurant busboy as well as hospital server, and he also continued business named as Street Fashions USA which retailed asymmetrical blue jeans at quite discounted charges. He finally bought and lent big retail spaces prevalent in and about San Francisco as well as Los Angeles, creating him independently rich.

This actor’s greatest known production is noted to be a film entitled as The Room, launched in year 2003. The corresponding budget was assessed to be $6 million, the funding of which stayed as a basis of conspiracy. The particular film was founded on an unpublished novel of 540 pages, written by him.

This movie was directly criticised by critics, however eventually transformed as a “cult classic” through late-night based show performances at theatres located across the world. Audience typically reach there by putting on wigs similar to their preferred characters; interrelate by the dialogue made on screen, as well as lay plastic tableware and even footballs about the theatre. The relevant consideration developed in what was named The Room’s year from 2010 till 2011 i.e. “Love is Blind” International Tour.

This was accomplished by film being presented in UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia as well as India, etc. This too makes appearances at several of such events, filming for photographs by fans and frequently lecturing audience prior screenings.

In year 2004, this actor too produced as well as appeared in a brief documentary entitledas Homeless in America. In year 2010, he too acted in a brief film entitled as The House That Drips Blood on Alex, recognised as a parody horror based film, composed and produced from works of sketch comedy based group named as Studio8.

In imminent film version of The Disaster Artist, James Franco is prepared to depict this actor. It is known that Franco too won one Golden Globe award on account of performing as James Dean back in year 2001. This actor approved of choice, and even that of Dave Franco performing Disaster Artist friend/author named Greg Sestero.

Net Worth of Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau is mainly acknowledged as an actor, producer, screenwriter, and director having net worth of $600 thousand. Moreover, he made appearance on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Homeless in America, The House That Drips Blood on Alex, Great Job!, Bump, Tommy Explains it All as well as The Tommy Wi-Show, grossing him high income.

For production of The Room, Tommy Wiseau attained high fame by being a producer in that. Later, he equally focused on making an excellent career in acting and so attained a good fame in the industry.