Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth

Tommy Sotomayor is currently 42-years-old celeb identified as a radio and internet talk show host from America. Moroever, he is also acknowledged as youtube personality, political and social commentator, film producer as well as men’s rights activist. Net worth of Tommy Sotomayor is high due to him being a versatile celebrity working in all these fields, get further details below:

Tommy Sotomayor Biography:

The original name of this celeb is Thomas Harris, belonged to Atlanta, located in Georgia. Originally he is from Georgia but he afterwards shifted to Phoenix, located in Arizona. Sotomayor is a man whose family (i.e. black female partner) directed him to prison for misplacing out on reimbursing child assistance because he did not wished to seek monetary duty of his kid. After that, Sotomayor formed anger against the black females due to this incident.

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2017-2018

In year 2016, one video released from the night of 2016 gunfire of Dallas based police majors displayed two police officers who are on-duty. They were called associated officers as cowards on the famous podcast entitled “Your World, My View Podcast”, which was hosted by Sotomayor. Moreover, officers namely Margus McCuin and Gregory Watkins named into the podcast. Also, as McCuins’ and Watkins’ fellow officers were motivating to the act of the answering and shooting additional police calls, the two patrol officers from North Dallas region herd around adopting controversial sentiments for police fires.

It is known that the Dallas Police Association afterwards stated that the two majors were actually not a replication of the way another police officers experience. Besides, the police department officials educated the media about the fact that internal matters were examining both these officers. News are such that the video was removed later from youtube and both these officers stayed on active duty however they could have suffered from severe disciplinary act.

It was in year 2015 that previous mayor Colorossi was submitted below investigation in Orting, Washington. This was done after delivering mass email comprising a video of duration of 14 minutes by Sotomayor that invigorated white officers to stop regulating black communities. In this matter, one Orting kind of black police major protested regarding the content of video, which the town predestined as “deplorable and offensive.” It is known that Sotomayor applied ethnically charged language in the particular video and referred to events in which white police majors were held responsible after conflicting with black inhabitants in societies across the nation.

In year 2016, Harry Houck, renowned as a CNN based law enforcement expert endorsed a video created by Sotomayor on social media platform-Twitter. It actually professed that African Americans are accountable for majority of violent crime occurring in the US. In that video, Sotomayor asserted that black American citizens are more serious danger as compared to guns. Houck, who is now a retired NYPD investigator, connected to Sotomayor’s video through platform of Twitter, stating that the radio host identifies what he was discussing on.

Recently,in April 2017, Ebony magazine stated that an online appeal was socializing in order to get videos of Sotomayor eliminated from youtube. The particular petition requested Google co-founders, youtube, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as many others to avoid offering any platform for Sotomayor.

Tommy Sotomayor Net worth & Income profile in 2017

Tommy Sotomayor is essentially a radio show host, an actor, and YouTube personality from America with net worth of $2 million US dollars as of 2017. His income is high as he stayed as the host of the radio show entitled Your World, My Views and he will be featured in the future film-Drugs & Other Love. Moreover, he too operates the website named, adding to his income. His net worth is collected by working on internet talk show as well as being a radio host, social and political speaker, film producer, youtube personality and activist for men’s rights as well.

Sotomayor’s appearance in all the fields mentioned above have helped to added to his income and fame globally.