Tommy Lee Jones Net Worth 2019

Who is Tommy Lee Jones and what is his net worth 2019? Tommy Lee Jones is well known American filmmaker and Academy Award actor. He is best known for his cop roles, especially in ‘The Fugitive’, a 1993 thriller. Some of his best works include ‘Men in Black’ series, ‘No Country for Old Men’, ‘Man of the House’, ‘Natural Born Killers’, and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.

Early Life

Tommy Lee Jones was born in 1946 on 15th September, to mother Lucille Marie and father Clyde C. Jones. His parents were both married and divorced twice. He was born in San Saba in Texas but was brought up in Midland, Texas.

Tommy Lee Jones Net Worth

He completed his schooling from Robert E. Lee High School. Later he graduated from Harvard College. He initially started his career by working Broadways during his college days.

He was very active in extracurricular activities during his school as well as his college, which has definitely helped him in refining his acting skills as an actor.

He married his first wife Kate Lardner, a journalist in 1971, soon divorced in 1978. He married his second wife Kimberlea Cloughley in 1981, with whom he has two children named Austin Leonard Jones and Victoria Jones. He married his third and current wife ‘Dawn Laurel’ in 2001.

He is close to both of his daughter and can be seen spending time with them at more than a couple of occasions. Tommy Lee Jones led a very simple uncontroversial, life and was never really involved in any scandal.


He has been working in Hollywood since 1970. He made his big Hollywood debut in 1970 with ‘Love Story’. He has done over 40 films in his entire career. Some of his popular movies includes hits like ‘Life Study’, ‘Jackson County Jail’, ‘Barn Burning’, ‘The Park Is Mine’, ‘The Big Town’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘Natural Born Killers’, ‘Batman Forever’, ‘The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada’, ‘Emperor’, ‘The Family’, ‘Villa Capri’ and ‘Men in Black’. His movie ‘Lincoln’ was one of his most critically and commercially acclaimed movies.

He entered Television in 1971 with ‘One Life to Live’. He has also done shows like ‘Smash-Up on Interstate 5’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Family’, ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’, ‘April Morning’, ‘The Sunset Limited’, ‘Lonesome Dove’, ‘Stranger in My Land’, ‘Baretta Jones’, and ‘The Execution’s Song’.

He has won multiple prestigious awards for his acting like Academy Award, one Golden Globe Award in 1993 and an Emmy Award in 1983. He has also won multiple MTV Award nominations as well as awards. He is also a winning of Satellite Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Gotham Award. In 2012, he won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his outstanding acting in ‘Lincoln’.

Net Worth of Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee has an estimated net worth of over $105 million. He has generated most his fortune by working in over 40 movies and over a dozen television series. He also makes a good amount from his cameo appearances. He is also known for endorsing a few brands, which help in fuelling his fortune little bit more.

Tommy Lee Jones is one of the most popular Hollywood actors in the world. He is without a doubt one of the most dynamic actors in the world, who is known for bringing something unique to the screen with his every new character, his screen presence is infectious that leaves a mark in the heart of his audience. He has blessed the world, with some of the most amazing performances, which will be remembered and cherished through the history. We just hope that he is able to make more movies before he plans to retire from the showbiz.