Tom Welling Net Worth 2018

Who is Tom Welling and what is his net worth 2018? Born on 26 April 1977, Thomas John Patrick Welling aka Tom Welling is famous for essaying the role of Clark Kent in the WB/CW superhero drama, Smallville. Now, Clark Kent does not need any introduction at all. He is ‘The Superman’.

Early Life

Born in Putnam Valley, New York to Bonnie and Thomas Welling, Tom is the third among four children. His younger brother Mark is also an actor. Belonging to German descent, his father Thomas is a retired executive of General Motors.

Tom Welling Net Worth

As a young boy, Tom used to act in plays in school. However, he switched over to sports playing baseball and soccer. However, his favorite sport was basketball.

Tom was an extremely handsome person. He was working as a construction worker when a talent scout spotted him and suggested him to do some modelling. This started Tom’s journey into modelling, and then films and TV. He has acted in some music videos as well.


He had his first brush with television when he played the role of the karate teacher, Rob Meltzer in the second season of the CBS legal drama, Judging Army. Smallville followed soon after. He won the race for the search for the actor to play Clark Kent. It was a nationwide search with the winner guaranteed to rake in the moolah.

The pilot version had a viewership record of 8.4 million viewers. In fact, he was not a superman fan before accepting the role. In fact, Christopher Reeves, the actor who portrayed the role of the Superman on the big screen was also not a fan of the superhero before signing the film.

December 2003 saw Tom making his film debut as Charlie baker, the oldest son in the baker family, in the film Cheaper by the Dozen. He has stated the fact on numerous occasions that the main reason behind signing this film was Steve Martin alone.

He married his best friend, Jamie white on 05 July 2002. The pair had some irreconcilable differences because of which they split with the divorce finalised in November 2013. In the meanwhile, Tom was in a relationship with Jessica Rose Lee.

Education: His father was a top-ranking executive in General Motors. He had a transferable job that took him to various states such as Wisconsin, Delaware, and Michigan. Hence, Tom had his schooling in various states. Finally, he attended Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan. He was actively involved in school plays before joining sports.

Net Worth of Tom Welling

You can expect the Superman to have a super net worth as well. In fact, Tom Welling Net worth is $14 million. Of course, the major source of his income must be from the earnings for Smallville. He is an accomplished film star as well as a famous model.

Tom was into acting since his school days. However, after finishing his education, he started working as a construction worker. A talent scout spotted this handsome personality and introduced him to the world of modelling. That was the turning point in his life. The construction industry’s loss became the film industry’s gain.

He modelled for the Louisa Modelling Agency until the end of the last century. Subsequently, he moved over to Los Angeles where he started modelling for famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Calvin Klein among others while scouting for acting opportunities.

The TV industry welcomed him with open arms. The role of Clark Kent in the WB series Smallville was the watershed role for Tom Welling. He has appeared in some films as well.

Since 2014, Tom is in an intense relationship with Jessica Rose Lee. Having legally separated from his wife of more than a decade, Jamie White, Tom wishes to live his life with dignity. He dislikes giving interviews stating that he loves privacy and likes people who respect his privacy.

The role of Clark Kent does not come every day. The fact that Tom welling landed this role amidst tremendous competition proves that he is a special talent. He has lived up to the expectation that people had after watching Christopher Reeve set the screens on fire with his portrayal of the Superman on the giant screen.