Tom Hiddleston Net Worth

The Golden Globe and Empire Award winner for the present year 2017, has been stealing attention after being cast as Loki in the ever popular movie-series of Thor(2011), The Avengers (2012), Thor: The Dark World(2013) and Thor: Ragnarok(2017). The Westminster born 6’ 2” British film actor has also been a television sensation in The Night Manager(2016). As of now, the present net worth of Tom Hiddleston has reached $22 Million in his 17 years of career.

Tom Hiddleston’s net worth as of 2017 has garnered a major share from his prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the Thor series which had given him the ultimate exposure and a boost to his Hollywood career. Hence, let us take a glimpse of his amazing journey which has led to this extent of net worth in the entertainment industry.

Tom Hiddleston Net Worth 2017-2018

Born on the 9th of February in the year of 1981, Tom Hiddleston is the son of James Norman Hiddleston and Diana Patricia Hiddleston. While James being a physical chemist is from Greenock, his mother from Suffolk, England is an arts administrator and had formerly been a stage manager. The nominee for two Primetime Emmy Awards was brought up in Wimbledon, after which he had spent the later years in Oxford, in a village called Cotswold.

One year after his parents getting divorced, Tom started boarding from Eton College since the age of 13. Later, he had even scored a double first in Classics from the University of Cambridge. Hiddleston had received a green thumb in the second year of his University period for production in A Streetcar Named Desire. Henceforth, he had graduated in acting at 2005, from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Tom Hiddleston shares his personal space in Belsize Park, London. Apart from owning a personal charity card for the Thomas Coram Foundation for Children, he is also known as the UK-ambassador of the altruistic and ennobling UNICEF. Personally, Hiddleston describes himself as a perceptive feminist. In early 2013, had shown an immense support to the women and children of Guinea and had spread the word about hunger and malnutrition. In 2016, he had successfully won the Rear of the Year Award of UK on public interest.

Tom confesses to having been a bachelor till now, however, has been reported to have dated a number of women since a long time. However, his recent tie up on a public note with the eminent singer Taylor Swift has garnered the most publicity of late.

Tom had started his career by bagging a role for Nicholas Nickleby’s adaptation – The Life and Adventures in 2001. Henceforth, he had established himself in Conspiracy(2001), The Gathering Storm(2002) and Suburban Shoutout(2006) before completing his graduation.

Hiddleston’s career steered up the elevation after being featured in the $450 Million worth movie Thor(2011). Following which, the actor was starred in Midnight in Paris(2011), a Woody Allen creation and War Horse by Steven in the year 2011.

By 2012, he showcased his comeback in $1.5 Billion films The Avengers. Besides the Thor series, he was seen in the vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive(2013) as well as High Rise and Crimson Peak by the end of 2015, and not to miss the success in The Night Manager(2016).

Tom Hiddleston had won the Empire Awards, UK twice. The first was in 2012 for Thor (the best male newcomer) and the second in 2017 as the Hero Award. In 2017, he was also honored with the Golden Globe, USA for the recent hit The Night Manager (2016); the Russia National Movie Awards in 2014, MTV Movie Awards in 2013 and had grabbed the second place with the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 2016 for Crimson Peak(2015).

Apart from this, has been nominated for Crime Thriller Awards UK(2010), Scream Awards(2011), Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards(2011), Georgia Film Critics Association(2012), BAFTA Awards(2012), CinEuphoria Awards(2014), Russian National Movie Awards(2014), Clotrudis Awards(2015), Satellite Awards(2016), Gold Derby Awards(2012,2016), PGA Awards(2017), Teen Choice Awards(2017), National Television Awards UK(2017) and a few more.

Tom Hiddleston Net worth in 2017

The net worth of Tom Hiddleston has witnessed a huge surge since 2011 which is nowhere near the worth of his previous year’s career. The net worth of Tom Hiddleston was estimated around $8 Million which has escalated to double the first digit. Hence, as of now in 2017, the net worth of Hiddleston has been estimated as $22 Million US dollars as of 2017.

Tom Hiddleston has already made a successful comeback in February 2017 released film Kong: Skull Island and is all set to increase his sole value much more with the next series of Thor: Ragnarok in the month of November 2017.