Tom Berenger Net Worth 2019

Who is Tom Berenger and what is his net worth 2019? Tom Berenger is a well known personality all over the world. He is indeed a multi talented and has excelled in his acting career. He is a renowned American actor and has been a part of famous television shows and films. His versatile acting skills is instrumental in helping him achieve fame and heights in life. He is indeed popular among the crowds and has a huge fan following because of his amazing acting.

Early Life

We don’t have much information about his family history, culture and background. All we know is that he was born in South Chicago, Illinois on May 31st in the year 1949. He was born in a Catholic family as Thomas Michael Moore. Did you know that his father was a printer for Chicago Sun-Times? He has a sister namely Susan. Also, Tom Berenger graduated in the year 1967 from Rich East High School in Illinois. Later, he studied journalism but he soon realised that it was not his cup of tea and turned to acting.

Tom Berenger Net Worth

He has been married four times and has six children till date. His first wife was Barbara Wilson with whom he was married from 1976-1984.His second and third marriage with Lisa Williams and Patricia Alvaran didn’t last for long. He married Laura Moretti in the year 2012 in Sedona. We dont have information about his dating history and girlfriends. Also, the reasons for failure of his marriages in unknown to us.


Tom Berenger began his career with a great role in a soap opera in the year 1975 as Tim Siegel. Also, he made an appearance in a movie namely “Rush It”. Some of his some famous TV shows and films namely “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Major League”, “The Big Chill”, and “Platoon” are big hits in his acting career..Other TV and film credits include “The Gingerbread Man”, “Training Day”, “Ally McBeal” and “Hatfields & McCoys”. These played an instrumental role in shaping his career in acting and yielded him great results.

Tom Berenger has received innumerable awards in his lifetime. In the year 1987 he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role for Platoon. Also, in the year 2012, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Hatfields & McCoys. These are some of the major highlights in his acting career.

Net Worth of Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger net worth accounts to $9 Million. There are various reasons which account to his increased net worth. However, the ultimate reason that contributes to his increased net worth is his versatile personality and his ability to do different roles flawlessly. Indeed, he is a popular face in Hollywood Industry and this adds to his overall income.

He holds the potential to achieve great heights in the arena of his interest. Undoubtedly, he is an inspiration to many youngsters who wish to achieve ultimate fame in their lives. Apart from that, he is extremely humble and his kind attitude makes him stand out in the crowd. Despite achieving so much in life, his compassionate demeanor is worth an applause.