Tim Daly Net Worth

Who is Tim Daly and what is his net worth 2018? James Timothy Daly was born in the year 1956 in New York City, in the United States. He is an actor, a playwright, and a producer. He was born in a family of four where he is the only son of his parents, James and Mary Daly. Tyne Daly is his sister who is also an actress and the other two are Mary Glynn and Pegeen Michael. His parents were actors and I believe that is where his talent came from as he is an excellent actor as well as a producer.

His acting career started when he was seven years old where was on stage for a play called Jenny Kissed Me. When he was just ten years old, he appeared on the television for the first time in an adaptation of An Enemy of the People. From there he grew to be a great and well-known actor with some of his first appearances in films like ‘Diner’, ‘Made In Heave’, ‘American Playhouse’ and even ‘Almost Grown’. I know for most people, his voice role in the animated TV Series ‘Superman’ is what you best know him for. From there, his growth in the industry grew and he managed to build a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Tim Daly Net Worth 2018-2019

Tim Daly has produced a number of films but he has starred in so many others. As he grows and becomes better at his work, he keeps pulling a larger crowd to his side

Tim Daly has been married once to Amy Van Nostrand who is an actress. They got married in the year 1982 and got divorced in the year 2010; a whole 27 years. Their marriage was blessed with two beautiful children, San Daly and Emelyn Daly. Apparently, this separation was a hard blow that made Tim Daly seek the help of a professional. Even so, in the year 2014, he finally had pulled it together and started dating Tea Leoni

Tim Daly Net Worth

Tim Daly’s estimated net worth is approximated to be $11.4 million. This amount is primarily from his acting career and also as a producer. Even so, when all he has is put together this figure goes off the charts. He has stokes shares, a number of properties, and even private airplanes. All this summed up and equated to money will shock you. I am sure of this.

There are a number of films that Tim Daly has starred that is sure to captivate you. He is amazing at what he does, in this context acting and some of his films are a genius. Some of them include SpellBinder, Love or Money, The Object Of My Affection, Caroline At Midnight, The Batman/Superman Movie, Seven Girlfriends, The Good Student, The Skeptic, Justice League Doom, just to mention but a few. All these films are just awesome. Those who are addicted to Superman/Batman know what I am talking about.

Tim Daly has been able to get a number of awards and honours for his good work in the entertainment industry. Every hard work always pays and recognition of one’s efforts can propel them to greater heights. Some of the awards and honours include Outstanding Actor, Best Actor in Television Series Drama, Actor of the Year in New Series, Favourite Airborne Character, Peabody Award Image, Excellence in Acting Award and so much more.

Tim Daly is still doing what he does best. He has been able to build a life for himself and he keeps giving his audience the very best. Early this year, he was involved in a skiing accident that caused his to break his legs. This accident happened in Sundance while he was on holiday. This is unfortunate but even so, this has not weighed down his spirit, love, and passion for the screens.