Shia LaBeouf Net Worth

Who is Shia LaBeouf and how much his net worth? Shia LaBeouf is one of those amazing actors who have the story of being destined to become a star. Even since he was a child actor, he looked destined to achieve big and history will show us how much he achieved!

Shia LaBeouf was born on June 11th 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Shia realised his dreams at a young age as he knew he wants to be an entertainer, an actor and a star. He knew entertainment is the only source which can help him escape a less than stable family life.

Shia LaBeouf Net Worth 2018-2019

At a young age of 10, he started performing as a stand-up comedian at different clubs in Los Angeles. He managed to land an agent who helped him get a role of Louis Stevens in the Disney show “Even Stevens”. Shia earned critical acclaim and also managed to earn a Daytime Emmy for his part in Even Stevens, a show that aired 65 episodes from 2000 to 2003.

Soon Shia realised that he wanted to achieve more, so from 2007 he started his quest to become a legit film star. He received rave reviews for his role in the movie “Disturbia”. However, his big break came in Michael Bay’s Transformers.

Throughout his career LaBeouf has been involved in several high profile relationships. He dated China Brezner, whom he met during the shooting of “The Greatest Game Ever Played” from 2004 to 2008. He then dated English actress Carey Mulligan from 2009 to 2010. He has also been rumoured to have dated Isabel Lucas and Megan Fox. In 2016, LaBeouf married Mia Goth in Las Vegas, Navada.

Education: LaBeouf was born in Los Angeles, California as the only child of Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf and Shayna LaBeouf. His mother was a dancer, a ballerina turned visual artist while his father was a Vietnam War veteran who had several jobs.

He had a rough childhood with his parents’ divorce issues being a focal point in his career. He described his father as a “tough nail and a different breed of man”. He was also subjected to Mental and verbal abuse by his father who pointed a gun at him once during a Vietnam War flashback. His parents eventually divorced and Shia grew up poor in Echo Park with his mother. As a way of dealing with mental stress, he would perform at clubs as a stand-up comedian so that he can help his mother financially.

LaBeouf received most of his education from tutors. He attended the 32rd Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet in Los Angeles and studied in Alexander Hamilton High School.

Shia LaBeouf Net Worth

Shia LaBeouf has an estimated net worth of $31 Million. Through the years LaBeouf has features in numerous spectacular hits that have made him into a star he is today. His numerous hits as an actor as well as his involvement in Performance Art have helped him rack up $31 million in net worth.

As a young kid, LaBeouf decided to launch himself as an actor. He starred in the role of Louis Stevens in the Disney show “Even Stevens”. His role in that show helped him become a star as it helped him rise to stardom.

His big break came in the role of Sam Witwicky in the Michael Bay hit “Transformers”. That role helped him become an A-list star and also helped him land major roles in other movies like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, Lawless, The Company you keep, Nymphomaniac and Fury.

Shia LaBeouf as Business Model

Shia LaBeouf is not only an A-list actor; he is also a Director, Comedian, Voice Actor, Screenwriter and Film Producer. He considers himself as an artist who entertains therefore he can often be seen performing arts such as once he walked the red carpet wearing a paper bag over his face that read “I am not famous anymore”. When questioned about it, LaBeouf’s response was that it was part of a performance art piece.

LaBeouf also created short graphic novels named Cyclical, Stale N Mate and Let’s Fucking Party as well as a webcomic series named Cheek Up’s. Shia LaBeouf is one of the best A-list stars in the industry as he has often starred in a variety of roles and excelled in all of them.

Stars like Shia LaBeouf come very rarely as these stars have the habit of excelling in any role given to them, be it in a comedy movie or in a thriller. Such stars as an inspiration for all the up and coming actors as they have proved that through hard work anything is possible.