Sean Bean Net Worth

Who is Sean Bean and what is his net worth 2018? Sean Bean is the professional name of Shaun Mark Bean, known as an English actor. Prominently, he is identified for his fictional demises and that essentially earned him position as being an internet meme. There are many high grossing English actors but net worth of Sean Bean is prominent of most of them, get more details below:

Handsworth, known as a district of Sheffield is the place where Bean was born. This place was later regarded as a portion of West Riding of Yorkshire. This actor is known as son of parents-Rita and Brian, and he has a sister -Lorraine who is younger to him. Bean’s father possessed a fabrication plant which engaged 50 people, comprising his mother, who served as a secretary.

Sean Bean Net Worth 2018-2019

In spite of becoming comparatively wealthy, his family never relocated out of council estate because they favoured to stay near to family and friends. Being a child, he once cracked a glass door in one argument. This incident left a portion of glass to be entrenched in leg which temporarily obstructed his walking as well as made a big scar. This also stopped him from following his vision of professionally playing football.

After he did one job at one supermarket and next for working in native council, he began functioning for his dad’s organisation with a day launch at Rotherham College of Arts as well as Technology to work on a welding based course.

When working there, he toppled in one art class as well as agreed to follow his curiosity in career of art. It is found that after few college plays, this actor won scholarship to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (briefly as RADA). This facilitated him to begin seven-term period course during early 1981.

After Bean completed graduation from RADA, he created his official debut while working in a theatre based production of Romeo and Juliet in year 1983. Holding his Yorkshire drawl, he initially attained major achievement for his depiction of Richard Sharpe in famous ITV series entitled as Sharpe. Since then, he has received great recognition on account of his performance made as Ned Stark in renowned HBO epic fantasy series entitled as Game of Thrones.

He even rose to fame for his roles featured in famous BBC anthology series entitled as Accused as well as ITV historical drama series entitled Henry VIII. It is found that his most noticeable film character was played as Boromir in The Lord of the Rings series.

This actor’s other roles highlights character of Alec Trevelyan in film entitled Golden Eye as well as Odysseus featured in Troy. Additional roles includes his appearance in Patriot Games, Ronin, National Treasure, The Island, North Country, Silent Hill, Black Death, Jupiter Ascending and The Martian. Being a voice actor, he has been presented in some video games like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI, as well as in drama entitled The Canterbury Tales.

Sean Bean Net worth

Sean Bean is extensively recognised as an English actor holding net worth of $23 million. However, his net worth was actually not earned overnight as he has served as an actor in a wide variety of films as well as TV shows. Whereas his name may not be accustomed to you, it is for sure that you have not seen his face.

Similar to leading actors, his career started on stage, garnering great acclaim on account of his work done in Waiting for Godot, as well as his contribution done with the Royal Shakespeare Company. His wealth boosted after he relocated to Hollywood, the place where he founded a niche for himself performing as villains as well as rascals in movies such as Ronin and Golden eye.

Sean Bean’s fame and wealth is high as he possesses an acting resume which anybody can be proud of. He has been featured in variety of roles encompassing lead role, role of villain, rascals, etc.