Sam Worthington Net Worth

Presently of age 41, Samuel Worthington is acknowledged as an English-Australian based actor. The actor has represented the protagonist named Jake Sully during year 2009 based film entitled as Avatar; as Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation; and as Perseus in Clash of the Titans as well as its sequel, Wrath of the Titans.

This was before transitioning to higher melodramatic roles, played in Everest, Hacksaw Ridge, as well as The Shack. He has even performed lead character role of Alex Mason within the Call of Duty: Black Ops based series. Net worth of Samuel Worthington is amassed mainly from his career in acting, get further details below:

Sam Worthington Net Worth 2017-2018

Birthplace of Sam Worthington is Godalming, at Surrey, located in South East England. He is born to English based parents and shifted to Perth, located in Western Australia while he was a baby of age six months. He was brought up in Warnbro, known as a district of Rockingham.

The actor’s mother named Jeanne J. (née Martyn), known as a housewife, conveyed him and also his sister named Lucinda up. The actor’s father named Ronald W. Worthington, worked as a power plant worker. He appeared in school specifying in the dramatic arts, running in Fremantle, located in Western Australia, wherein he has studied drama however he did not complete graduation.

He started functioning on construction as well as odd jobs, finally getting settled in Sydney. When he was of age 19, when serving as a bricklayer, he gave audition for the National Institute of Dramatic Art (briefly as NIDA) and he was acknowledged by a scholarship.

Worthington got major role in Somersault (released in 2004) and performed as a lead in a contemporary Australian reciting of Macbeth (released in 2006). The actor has won the AFI Award in category of Best Lead Actor on account of his role played in Somersault. Moreover, he was famous in Australia on account of his role played as Howard inside commended Australian TV series entitled Love My Way, wherein he performed as a major love interest of a female lead.

Within Terminator Salvation, he performs as cyborg named Marcus Wright who helps the humans in spite of their doubts of him. Filmed before launch of Terminator Salvation, the science-fiction based film entitled as Avatar which was directed by James Cameron was his following project.

In that film, he performed as Jake Sully, known as a paraplegic US Marine, a person who was allocated to regulate one alien body named avatar by a neural link, searches himself at the middle of a war held amongst his personal species as well as the native Na’vi persons of the romanticize Pandora.

This film turned as the highest-grossing type film ever, earning over US$2.730 billion (i.e. $3.0 billion attuned for inflation) inside box-office receipts globally. Moreover, he was nominated as one of the applicants to the Who’s Who in Australia year 2011 based edition.

How much is Sam Worthington Net Worth in 2017

Sam Worthington is by now acknowledged as an Australian based actor attaining a notable net worth of $16 million US dollars as of 2017. He is renowned for his characters played as Jake Sully inside “Avatar”, as Perseus in the “Clash of the Titans” franchise and as Marcus Wright inside “Terminator Salvation”. He earned well by voicing a role of Captain named Alex Mason inside a video game series entitled as “Call Of Duty: Black Ops”.

It is found that he has received Best Actor Award from the Australian Film during in year 2004 on account of his work done in the film entitled “Somersault”. Before he has reserved his breakout type role in “Avatar”, the actor had sold majority of his belongings for nearly $2000 and purchased a car by the money.

When Samuel Worthington was a teenager, he gradually became inclined to acting career, by initially auditioning and later transitioning to lead roles. Still he is young and has many prospects to achieve higher success.