Ryan Gosling Net Worth

Who is Ryan Gosling? What is net worth of Ryan Gosling? Usually, famous personalities are known to be school dropouts and pranksters or even people with some kind of disorders in their childhood. Ryan Gosling was no excuse in this matter. “Bullied in elementary school, no friends in school until the age of 14 or 15, diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for throwing steak knives at children during school, one year of home school”, yes, all these were Ryan’s life events.

Born to Thomas Ray Gosling and Donna in London, Ontario on November 12, 1980, Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor and musician. He started performing live at a very early age. He and his sister used to sing at weddings; he had performed at Elvis Presley tribute act; was associated with a local ballet company. He also developed a Canadian accent at a very early age. At the age of 17, he dropped out of high school and pursued his acting career.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth 2017-2018

As a child actor, he performed in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club show from 1993-95. His fellow cast members in this show were Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. Later he appeared in family entertainment series on TV – Are you afraid of the dark? (1995), Goosebumps (1996), Breaker high (1997-98).

He was filmed in the Fox Kids adventure series Young Hercules (1998-99) as the title character at the age of 18. At the age of 19, he wants to do some serious acting. In 2001, he worked in the lead role in “The Believer” a young Jewish neo-nazi movie. His romantic drama The Notebook gave him more attention from the audience in 2004. He received widespread recognition in 2010 in his movie Blue Valentine.

Gosling’s latest movie The Nice Guys(2016), a dark detective comedy and the musical comedy La La Land (2016), won him Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or comedy.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth

Ryan’s salary net worth in 2017 is $36 million US dollars as of 2017. His highest pays for some of his hit movies are given below.

Weekly earnings from Half Nelson (2006) – $ 1000
Earnings from the film “Fracture”(2007) – $ 1,000,000
“Blue Valentine” movie where he worked as executive producer (2010) – $9,700,000
“Only God Forgives” where he worked as producer (2013) – $779,000
“The Nice Guys” movie estimated earnings (2016) – $7,000,000

His acting skills have definitely more in store for him.

Ryan Gosling Assets

Ryan has dated some of his co-stars and now a father of two daughters to Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes was his co-star in the movie “The Place Beyond The Pines”.

Ryan owns a bike – DIRT BIKE. He has a furry pet (Dog). He owns three brands – Rolex day date, Barton Perreira Gilbert and Adult famous Tuxedo T-shirt.

Ryan Gosling Business Model

Ryan has not only been into acting but also served as an executive producer and a producer. He has also made a solo recording “Put me in the Car”. He has formed an indie rock band called Dead Man’s Bones together with his friend Zach Shields.
Ryan supports various social causes – PETA’s campaign to improve chicken slaughter methods to encourage KFC and McDonald’s, volunteer as part of the clean-up effort after the hurricane Katrina, supports Invisible Children Inc which spreads awareness program about LRA.

These are the must watch movies of Ryan Gosling – The Place beyond the pines (2013), Lars and the real girl (2007), The Believer (2002), The ideas of March (2011), The big short (2015), Blue Valentine (2010), Half Nelson (2006), Drive (2011), The Nice Guys (2016), La La Land (2016).

Ryan’s upcoming movies are Song to Song which is completed and Blade runner 2049 which is in post-production stage. He has been nominated for Oscars and is yet to decide who he will be bringing with him to the upcoming Oscars.

A jazz guitarist and singer, talented actor, handsome personality, Ryan has two upcoming movies in 2017. A handsome earning future is in store for Ryan. We look forward to his upcoming box office hits and wish him luck. 🙂