Rupaul Andre Charles Net Worth

Who is Rupaul Andre Charles and what is his net worth 2018? Rupaul Andre Charles was born on 17th of november in the year 1960 in San Diego, California, USA. His father is Irving Charles and his mother is Emestine Charles. He has three sibling sisters. From childhood, he was interested in girly things like he used to learn fashion tips from his mother and sisters. Rupaul sifted to Atlanta after sometime where he had to do odd jobs like salesman because of his family’s poor conditions. In 90’s , Rupaul moved to New York city, he had performed in local Manhattan clubs where he became very face on stage.

In 1993, Rupaul had his debut him ” Supermodel of the World “. His show did not got much fame but later a single “Supermodel (You Work Better ” made its place in Pop Charts under top 30 . Supermodel named one more award of Best Dance Video at MTV video music awards in 1994. The success of supermodel made Rupaul accept himself as a gay and he performed at a gay right rally where he met Martin Luther King.

Rupaul Andre Charles Net Worth 2018-2019

In 1992, Rupaul met his costume designer Zaldy and make up artist Mathu who studied his body deeply and had designed his most famous costumes . They were the two who designed Rupaul’s Glamazon Look.

In 1994, Rupaul with Elton John recorded a duet “don’t go breaking my heart” which was a hit in America and very much successful in Europe. After this Rupaul launched his autobiography entitled as Lettin It All Hang Out in 1995 which was a big hit at amazon. He also appeared in two films , Spike lee’s crookyln in 1995 and the brady bunch movie in 1995 with these he had his own show too on VH1. The show worked well till two seasons but due to decreasing rating in season 3 the show was ended in 1998 . In 1998 , Rupaul became “The First Face of MAC” of MAC cosmetics.

Rupaul had done some versatile albums like Ho Ho Ho, Snapshot and a little bit love. During this time he was also working in movies like Thanks for Everything, Who is cletis tout ?.

In 2009, Rupaul produced the drag queen reality show named as Rupaul’s Drag Race which he hosted too. The show has produced eight seasons so far and in 2016, Rupaul won an Emmy for his show.

Rupaul was always active for Homosexual and Heterosexual rights, so the communities had awarded him with many titles and awards like in 1999, Rupaul was awarded with Vito Russo Entertainer of the year at GLAAD media awards and Lifetime achievement award by The Most Beautiful Transsexuals In the World Association.

Rupaul has been very protective about his personal life. People still make comments about him that whether he is homosexual or transgender as on screen he sometimes appears as a man and sometimes as a drag . Rupaul himself had never made any statements regarding his marriage or boyfriend but he had always won people’s heart by his talent and skills. In 2014, he has released his famous album “born naked” and after that he had recently released his seventh studio album .

Rupaul Andre Charles Net Worth

Rupaul is an american actor, drag queen , model , author and recording artist. His had work and success in his career has made him very rich. Rupaul was very poor by birth but he has made a huge net worth of $7.4 million. His autobiography has also added a lot of money in his net worth other than his acting and albums. Rupaul also invest into real estate which shows his ability to smartly manage his money.

Rupaul has a luxurious apartment in West Village near New York worth $2.4 million. Rupaul has a fond of vintage cars and his favourite one is 1970 Benz 280 SL , no doubt the actor has a really good choice.

Rupaul is a versatile actor who had won a million of hearts with his tremendous acting skills. The actor is the richest drag queen of the world. He is so successful today because his amazing work has touched people of all nationality and ethnicity.