Roger Moore Net Worth

Who was Roger Moore and what is his net worth? Roger Moore, or James Bond as the fans know him, was an infamous actor and a celebrity. He is famously known for his work and appearance as the secret agent in the James Bond movies from 1973 to 1985. He was also popular for his role as Simon Templar in the television serial ‘The Saint’ in the 60s. His career was very glittery and remarkable and his presence in the industry was celebrated. His work in the James Bond movies made him a historic icon whom people look after.

Sir Roger George Moore, or simply Roger Moore was born in a town called Stockwell in London, the United Kingdom on 14 October 1927. He was born to George Alfred Moore and Lillian Lilly. His father George was a policeman and was English while his mother was a pope and happened to be from Calcutta, India. He was also the only child of his parents. He initially studied at Battersea Grammar School but during the Second World War, was shifted to Holsworthy, Devon and attended Launceston College in Cornwall.

Roger Moore Net Worth

Later, he finished his education at Dr. Chancellor’s Grammar School in Amsterdam. Roger first worked at an animation studio as an apprentice but was later fired. Later, he was hired for a movie ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’ in the year 1945. Impressed with his work, the director of the film decided to pay for the actor’s fee at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Later at the age of 18, he was called for national service. He served as a second lieutenant and later became the captain. Thereon, he decided to move to the entertainment field. Moore died of cancer last year on 23 May 2017 in Switzerland.

Roger Moore had four spouses to him. They were Doorn van Steyn, Dorothy Squires, Luisa Mattioli, and Kristina Tholstrup. Apart from this, Moore had three children including two sons, Geoffrey and Christian, and a daughter, Deborah.

Roger’s career began in the year 1945 with an uncredited appearance in the movie ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’, after which the director was impressed by him and paid for his fee at RADA. From then, the actor’s career only went up with such magnificent talent. He appeared in multiple films and television series, some with small roles as in ‘The Last Time I Saw Paris’.

From then, he began working more and more and a time came when he started working with Warner Bros. After that, in the year 1973, the James Bond era began and which turned out to be his most successful project. He played the lead role in the James Bond movies and won the hearts of the audience worldwide. He became a historic icon and a movie legend.

Roger Moore Net Worth

Roger Moore was one of those actors who was known for giving blockbuster movies in the industry. He was one of the highest paid actors in the industry during the James Bond era. His James Bond movies made a billion dollars worldwide after release. And the other films he enacted in like ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ also turned out to fan favourites making him really rich. As of his death, His net worth was $110 million.

Roger Moore was an absolute gift to the film industry. He is an idol for too many and watching him still is a pleasure. He took the movie industry to a different level. But the world bid him farewell this year after he was diagnosed with cancer.