Robson Green Net Worth 2018

Who is Robson Green and what is his net worth 2018? Famous actor and songwriter Robson Green was born in Hexham on 16th December 1964 and brought up in Dudley. Green was born to his miner father, also named Robson Green and mother Anne who was both cleaner and shopkeeper. He was educated at Dudley Middle Comprehensive School where the interest in joining Royal Air Force ignited his mind. Green wasted no time to join Air Training Corps as a teenager aged just 16. However, gruelling training got the better of him thereby dropping the idea to pursue the same.

He trained in music, learnt to play guitar and was even part of a local band Workie Tickets. Green’s first feature appearance came in Shield Stories which received critical acclaim and awards. After considerable recognition for his efforts in this soap opera, Green got his breakthrough in BBC’s Casualty. Although the hospital drama and Green’s character were success, it was his second outing in Soldier Soldier in 1991 as Fusilier Dave Tucker that made him a household name among tube audience. Not only did the drama series had Green noticed but it also gave the singer in him to go the distance thanks to an episode wherein he and his co-star Jerome Flynn sang a song whose popularity among the series’ audience led to the release of the song “Unchained Melody” as single.

Robson Green Net Worth

Over the years Green has been part of mini-series and TV films most notably Reckless, Unconditional Love, and more recently Grantchester. Robosn Green is also a successful TV presenter since 2008 when he first hosted the show Extreme Fishing with Robson Green for three consecutive seasons. All of his accomplishments in the world of cinema and TV are largely credited to his son “Unchained Melody” that stayed in the number one spot in the UK for seven weeks. Green is going strong even in the current year with his show Tales from the Coast with Robson Green.

Net Worth of Robson Green

One of the few multifaceted talents that Robson Green is, it comes as no surprise that his net worth touching the $6 million. Apart from acting and other broadcast commitments, Green also pumps up his earnings by endorsing Dunlop Sport- Match 3500 Fishing Reel. Robson Green stated in his interview that his purchased car was a Mini Cooper that he has to sell owing to financial crunch. Green now drives a Lexus RX450h Hybrid and owns a Land Rover Defender as well.

Robson Green has been in the helm of success courtesy his hard work and sheer talent when it comes to switching roles between TV actor and switching to host shows. The actor who is also a songwriter and singer himself owns a production company that has made investment on small screen. Green has reportedly brought several new dramas on the screen such as Christmas Lights which was followed by Northern Lights and its sequel City Lights. That aside, Green is also the owner of some other shows like Robson Green’s Wild Swimming Adventure.

The handsome 5 foot nine inches tall television star and singer is married twice. In 1991 Green married occupational therapist Alison Ogilvie after the two were introduced by Andrew Gunn. The couple separated after their eight year long marriage without child. His second marriage was to former Page 3 model Vanye Seager who he married in 2001. The Couple had son named Taylor Robson born a year before their marriage. However, the marriage fell apart in 2011 due to irreconcilable differences.

In 2013 Green started a brief relationship with flight attendant Stephanie Jones. News of him starting relationship with his wife did rounds in 2016 but it soon turned out that there was some other woman who he met at the gym.

• He had formed a band named Solid State as early as 1982.
• Robson Green is a onetime professional boxer.
• Green was a member of another successful local band named Workie Tickets.
• He is an avid football fan and supports Newcastle United.

The versatile personality has never been dogged in any kind of controversy until recently when a heartbroken Geoffrey Short questioned Green about Zoila, wife of Mr. Short who chose Green over her husband.