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Who is Robson Green? What is net worth of Robson Green? Robson’s full name is Robson Golightly Green. He is an English actor, singer, song writer and television presenter. Robson was born on 18th December, 1964 at Hexham, United Kingdom. Robson was born in a very small and common family. Robson brought up in Blythe Close, Dudley. It was a small mining village near Cramlington. His father name is also Robson Green and he was a miner. His mother Anne is a cleaner and a shopkeeper.

Robson studied at Dudley Middle Comprehensive School. Inspired by Jets flying he has decided to join Royal Air Force and at his age of 16 years he joined the Air Training Corporation. Later he earned to play guitar and formed his first band Solid State in year 1982. He also used to spent time at one of Drama center and then appeared in a series of productions.

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Robson left school at his age of 16 and joined a shipyard as a draughtsman. At one point he also tried his hands at professional boxing as well. After working as a draughtsman for 2 years Robson decided to do career in acting. After auditions he has started with his training. While the training is ongoing he has continued his musical career with local band. Robson started his screen career with a award winning series made on social issues.

Robson got married on 22nd June 1991 with Alison Ogilvie. She was then his close friend and a television director as well. But the bonding of both not gone for a long and they got separated after 8 years of marriage. Later Robson got his 2nd marriage with Vanya S who was former Page 3 model. The couple is blessed with a son soon. In 2013, media brought a rumor that Green had a short term romance with flight attendant, Stephanie Jones.

Education: As Robson grew up in a small mining village near Cramlington he studied at Dudley Middle Comprehensive School. Robson left the schooling at his age of 16 years. Then he tried to work at several places with different sectors. He tried working at Royal Air Force then he learnt guitar and formed a local band. He also tries his hands for boxing as well. Finally he started his acting career with a award winning series on social issues.

Robson Green Net Worth

The estimated net worth of an English actor, singer, songwriter and television presenter is $4.7 million. When he was young he wanted to join Royal Air Force, tried professional boxing, and then he decided for acting career. He formed his first band, Solid State, in 1982. He continued his musical career as a member of the Workie Tickets. For the first time he featured in series Shields Stories in 1988.

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Robson Green is born in a very small family and with no relative background. But with his dedication and hard work he became so popular among the public. He is famous as an English actor, song writer, singer and as a television presenter as well. Robson has struggled a lot before he achieved this fame. He also tried his hands in various other things to make his career. But finally started and succeeded with his career as an actor. He has started his career with a short but award winning series which was focused on social issues.

Robson Green has not spotted with any current or latest news in these days.

Robson Green is a popular name coming from very poor and common family. Even though coming from such a background Robson has been so successful due to his commendable hard work and dedication towards work. Robson has struggled a lot in starting of his career but later on succeeded as an English actor, singer, song writer and television presenter as well.