Robert Patrick Net Worth

Who is Robert Patrick? What is net worth of Robert Patrick? The American actor, Robert Patrick is best known for playing villainous characters, and can be considered one of the best villains of the American Film Industry. Robert has built a solid reputation in the industry, satisfying critics, directors and fans. The actor got his recognition from his role in ‘Die Hard 2’ which followed his work in movies like ‘Last Action Hero’, ‘We Are Marshalls’, ‘Bridge to Terabithia’, ‘Safe House’, ‘Flags of Our Father’, ‘The Faculty’, ‘Spy Kids’ etc, all of which turned out to be successful at the box office.

Robert Patrick Biography and Family

Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr. was born in 1958 on 5th November. He was born to mother Nadine Patrick and father Robert Patrick Sr. He spent his early life in Bay Village, a small rural area near Cleveland, Ohio. He has four siblings; 2 brothers, Lewis Patrick and Richard Patrick; and 2 sisters, Karen Patrick and Cheri Patrick. The actor is the brother of former ‘Nine Inch Nails’ guitarist, Richard Patrick, who is also the lead singer of ‘Filter and Army of Anyone’.

Robert Patrick Net Worth 2017-2018

In 1992, he married Barbara Hooper, also an actress. The couple can be seen together in various media events. The couple together has two children, a son named Samuel and a Daughter named Austin.

Education: Robert completed his schooling in 1977 from Farmington High School in Michigan. During his school days, he hated the idea of acting or theater. Once when he was in third grade, he refused to wear a Peter Pan costume. He didn’t even think of pursuing acting as a career option till he reached his mid twenties. He actively participated in sports during his school days.

Later, he joined Bowling Green State University to complete his graduation; here he became a football athlete. He dropped out of the college when he realized he was interested solely in acting and drama.

Career: The actor first made his movie debut in 1986 with ‘Eye of the Eagle’. In his career of 31 years in Hollywood, Robert has been a part of more than 30 films as an antagonist, cameo, small role, lead, and what not. Some of these films include ‘Killer Instinct’, ‘Hollywood Boulevard II’, ‘Terminator 2 : Judgment Day’, ‘Fire in the Sky’, ‘Last Action Hero’, ‘Zero Tolerance’, ‘Striptease’, ‘Spy Kids’, ‘Charlie’s Angels : Full Throttle’, ‘The Marine’, ‘Strange Wilderness’, ‘The Men Who Stare at Goat’, ‘Lovelace’, ‘Kill the Messenger’, ‘Hollywood Adventures’, ‘Hellions’, ‘Endless Love’ etc.

Robert made his television debut with ‘The New Lessie’ in 1989. Some of his television work includes ‘SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron’, ‘The Real adventures of Jonny Quest’, ‘Batman Beyond’, ‘Stargate Atlantis’, ‘Duck Dodgers’, ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’, ‘Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘From Dusk till Dawn: The series’, ‘Avatar : The Last Airbender’ , ‘Burn Notice’, ‘Psych’ and several more.

Robert Patrick Net Worth

The American actor has been working in the film industry for over 30 years now and has been doing television or films constantly. He has played the role of homicidal, corrupt and unfriendly characters which worked as a money-spinning line of business for him. Through his acting skills, he has managed to bag up a net worth of around $15.4 million US dollars as of 2017. The actor makes loads of money through his films and his television series. He has been fueling his fortune since 1985 in the industry. However, he has acquired No. 1 position of top 10 highest-paid actors by People With Money in the year 2017.

Robert Patrick Assets

Robert stays in a 2,800-square-foot home near the 25-foot-high American flag fluttering in the air. It has one giant living room and an attached dining room. It also has floor-to-ceiling glass French doors and a beautiful Douglas fir ceiling with exposed beams and metalwork. In the living room TV comes up out of the floor on a hydraulic lift to watch a movie. The actor also got a Le Corbusier grand comfort chair and chesterfield leather couch. The house also has 5 feet by 3½ feet of Michael Muller photograph from 2007 of the French Riviera costing approximately $8,000.

Robert Patrick Business Model

Every year, Robert initiates in the ‘Love Ride’, which an annual charity motorcycle is riding competition that takes place in Southern California. Apart from his movie and television career, the actor is also known for voicing characters in several video games like ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’, ‘The Dig’, ‘The Outfit’, ‘Loco Cycle’ and ‘Elite: Dangerous’.

The actor can be seen portraying the character of Agent Cabe Gallo, in the television series ‘Scorpion’ which airs on CBS since 2014. He is a part of the main cast in the show.

Robert is also working on a Hollywood project named ‘Eloise’ which is set to be released this year.

Robert has been in the industry for more than 3 decades and has given stunning performances. His natural acting style and experimental approach adds a flavor of perfection to his work. He can be considered one of those actors who are loved for playing the villainous characters.

We definitely haven’t have had enough of his acting and his face.