Robert Blake Net Worth 2019

Who is Robert Blake and what is his net worth 2019? You must have heard this name many times? More than his works, he is known to be the murderer of his wife. This murder case took the world by storm and brought the real face of his wife in front of the world. You might find it interesting to know that today we’re discussing the net worth of a person who has once filed for bankruptcy. With the fact you certainly have assumed the net worth of Robert Blake. But anyways, let’s get into details.

Early Life

Born in 1933 in Nutley, New Jersey, Robert Blake is an American former actor who was born as Michael James Gubitosi. His father Giacomo was an Italian and his mother Elizabeth was an American. Robert was introduced to glamour world at very young age. After his birth, his parents started a song-and-dance act. He started performing with them even before turning to five.

Robert Blake Net Worth

Soon, his family moved to Los Angeles and by then Robert had wooed the world with his cuteness and skills so it was not hard for him to get starred in the big screen. He started his professional career at five and was going smoothly but in his personal life, the turmoil had started which is still going on.

First, he had a very unpleasant childhood filled with physical and sexual abuse and then came his love life which threw him behind the bars. His childhood was so terrible that he ran away from his home at 14 and managed everything on his own.

Blake didn’t have a happy married life. His first wife was Sondra Kerr whom he married in 1961. The marriage yielded two children but just after 10-11 years, the couple divorced in 1983. Then, Blake fell in love with Bonnie Lee Bakley who was known to use men just for the money. This girl created a lot tumult for Blake. Blake had one child with Bakley.

This child was actually proved to be Blake’s child only after the DNA test because at that time, Bakley was into the relationship with two guys. In 2001, Bakley was shot dead in Blake’s car. After the investigation, Blake was accused of his wife’s murder and was imprisoned. However, later he got the bail.


As a child artist, Robert Blake started his career at five with the MGM’s ‘Our Gang’ series. With this series only, he has grabbed many eyeballs. He worked with Our Gang for next six years until the series was winded up. By the time he has earned a good deal of fame as a child artist so he was consistently getting film offers. In 1944, he signed with Red Ryder Western Series in which he portrayed an American native boy.

This series changed everything for him and he was truly looked up as an actor. As a child artist and teenager, he has appeared in many films and TV shows. At the early twenties, he joined military services but quit it in just two years and got back to film industry and gained a super stardom. Over his entire career, he has been featured in many films but is prominently known for the award-winning film ‘Cold Blood’ and TV series ‘Baretta’.

Blake won Emmy Award for Baretta and also earned lifetime achievement award as a child actor for his role in Our Gang.

Net Worth of Robert Blake

Don’t expect a person to be very rich who is involved in serious criminal cases because his/her most of money goes settling down these cases. Robert Blake is no different. Once he certainly was a high-paid actor and had amassed huge net worth but now things are changed.

He had spent millions on case trials and bails that’s why right now the actor is having a mere net worth of $1.1 million. In 2010, a notice was filed against Blake for his unpaid $1,110,878 taxes. He once even said “I live in an apartment. I told you, I’m broke. I couldn’t buy spats for a hummingbird.”

Robert Blake has gone through thick and thin. In personal life, he seems to be an unlucky man. He had a terrible childhood and even more pathetic love-life but in professional life, he is absolutely a star.