Rick Genest Net Worth 2019

Who is Rick Genest and what is his net worth 2019? Even Lady Gaga could not resist herself to praise his skills for art and creativity. Famous by various names such as ‘Zombie Boy’, ‘Rico Zombie’ and ‘Rico the Zombie’ because of his tattoos that cover his body and forms a marvellous skeleton structure making him one of the greatest artist of the present era. His totally different perspective towards like and his thoughts on unique lifestyle are the mind-boggling.

His article was also presented in one popular Canadian magazine as Zombie Boy in Bizarre Magazine. This man is the live skeleton and his unique personality made him even more popular after working in television shows and movies. Let’s have look at his early life and his debut as artist, actor, Freak show performer, and fashion model.

Rick Genest Net Worth

Early Life

Rick Genest was born on August 7, 1985, in LaSalle, Quebec, Canada. A true Canadian is known for his tattoo like the live skeleton that covers his most parts of the body. Rick is also popular with the nickname like Skeleton man, Zombie boy, Rick the Zombie etc in Canada and all over the United States.

Rick is the multi talented man as he was the former fashion model and right now he is popular television actor, the most creative artist, and freak show performer. This amazing artist was suffering from the Brain tumour before he got any tattoo and he could predict his death but the surgery went succeed and he got totally different view about life. You can say he invented new way transportation a Hitchhiking. Leaving his house one day, Rico the Zombie went for a walk and decided to live downtown, on rooftops and in dumpsters or under bridges, an anarchistic lifestyle.


Live skeleton man, Rick worked in several stage shows and freak shows as illustrated man and went on public first time in 2006 November 23rd from the blog post by Shannon Larratt on BME’s ModBlog. That blog post led him to his first interview in 2008 and got attention from audience leading him to a June.

2008 feature in ‘Bizarre’ magazine. Finally, he appeared in Tav movie called ‘Carny’ and he was seen as a Tattooed Man at the Carnival. On February 27, 2011, Rick was part of Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Born This Way’, with Lady Gaga wearing makeup which mimics the Zombie Boy’s tattoos. After then he was chosen to represent several clothing and other fashion brands. Rick Genest was highly featured in the marketing for both the movies, appearing on posters and in trailers. His tattooed face was also used by several British and American musician as the poster for their album.

Net Worth of Rick Genest

Used highly for marketing as in the cover of music albums, the poster of the movies and even celebrity like Lady Gaga mimic his tattoos for her music video, his skeleton tattoo earned him an impressive amount of fortune in short time. The estimated net worth of Rick Genest is about $550 thousand. He also had a two- year endorsement contract with L’Oreal and became the face of the Jay-Z’s music fashion label Roc-A-Wear. His sources of income include marketing, television movie projects, and live performer.

Rick, a popular artist, and actor famous for his live skeleton tattoo and his totally different anarchic lifestyle. Rick has earned the reputation of top-notch celebrity and been part of many television series and freak shows.