Richard Net Worth

Who is Richard? What is net worth of Richard? An American actor, director, and producer, Richard Benjamin is the gem of the film industry and contributing his work since 1967 from his first movies. As the director, his first television show was My favorite year(1987) a comedy show. Richard is one of the popular and wealthy directors and actors of his time and him continue to be proven himself as the great actor.

In his journey from poor guy to become the popular celebrity, he faced several moments that was tough enough to break him down. Though he never stopped and made his voyage along with making a great fortune of $8.5 million US dollars and reputation of top-notch actor and director. Let’s have look at his early life and beginning of the career.

Richard Samuel Benjamin was born in New York, United states on May 22nd, 1938. He is a Native American and was born in New York City, New York, United States and currently 77 years old. He attended High School of Performing Arts and he was passionate about movies and acting since then. After that, he was graduated from Northwestern University. He also, later on, did a course in acting from Northwestern theater school Rochard started pursuing his career since he was the child.

Along with studies, he started acting in theater drama and stage shows. He made his acting debut with his wife in movie series called He & She(1967-1968). Most of his movies were based on novels such as Goodbye, Columbus (1969), based on the novella by Philip Roth, Westworld (1973), a science-fiction thriller by Michael Crichton and Catch-22 (1970), from the Joseph Heller best-seller. After that Richard was unstoppable and keep directing and acting in the movies. He acted in more than 30 movies and directed more than 15 movies and television series.

Richard first appeared in the movie He & She with his wife and many of his movies were based on the novels. The movies Goodbye, Columbus was hit on box office and his portrayed of Tom in the movie Last of Sheila’ released in 1973 was widely accepted by the audience and his movie called Catch-22 was one of the hit.

Later on Richard acted in as many as 30 movies including, The Steagle (1971), The Last Married Couple in America (1980), The Sunshine Boys (1975), The Pentagon Wars (1998), The Shrink Is In (2001), Henry Poole Is Here (2008) and his latest movie Ray Donovan (2014). When it comes to directing he directed and produced more than 15 movies and television series which includes, Mermaids (1990), Made in America (1993), The Goodbye Girl (2004) and his recent A Little Thing Called Murder (2006).

Richard Net Worth

The film producer, director and actor Richard has the estimated net worth of $8.5 Million US dollars as of 2017. Moreover, her wife was also a popular actress of her time alone with Richard. His only source of income was directing & producing and acting in movies projects. Though in his time, making $8.5 million was not piece of cake.

The only son of homemaker mother, Chelsea Angelina, and Samuel Roger Benjamin, who used to work in the garment industry to earn his living. When it comes to the relationship, he is currently married to an actress Paula Prentis in 1961 & staying with her since then. They have two children together. Paula and Richard acted in many movies together and their work was much appreciated by the audience. When it comes to his siblings and another family, there is not a lot of information there about it.

An American movie actor, director, and producer, Richard Benjamin is now spending most of his life with his family. His last creating and appearance were in movie Ray Donovan in the year of 2014.

Richard Samuel Benjamin was the great actor of his time and known for his contribution in the film industry by his amazing movies and television shows. This man is the true inspiration as he came out of the box facing all the struggle to become most popular director and actor. Even his wife was the popular actress. This 77-year-old American actor is now spending his time with his family.