Richard Dawson Net Worth

Who was Richard Dawson and what is his net worth? Richard Dawson was a veteran actor who was a British born and American nationality. He was also a comedian and had hosted several shows and panels in America. He is marked well by many for having a game with Peter Newkirk on Hogan’s Heroes. Peter was a very distinguished panelist in those years. He was also known for being the founder host if ‘Family Fend’ game show between 1976 and 1985. He still held the same position for another year.

Country of birth of Dawson was England in the province of Hampshire in the city of Gosport. His birthday was 20th November 1932. His parents were Arthur Emm and Josephine Emm. In 1946 he left home without the consent of his relatives with the aim of joining the British merchant his training, he took a career in boxing. All this time, he was under the name Colin Lionel Emm, but on leaving the camp, he changed it to Dickie Dawson. After the modification, he worked for two years in the comedy career. When he became a grown up, he reviewed this name to be Richard Dawson which eventually ended to be his legal name.

Richard Dawson Net Worth

Richard first wife was Diana dors who he married from 1959 to 1966. They were blessed with two children. They later divorced for reasons only known to them. Years later, Dawson was engaged to Gretchen Johnson and got married in 1991. She gave him a baby girl. His children are Mark Dawson (1960), Gary Dawson (1962) and Shannon Dawson (1990). He was also a grandfather to four.

Dawson was featured in the ‘Jack Benny Programs’ on the 8th of January 1963. This was for the shows 13th season episode 15. Later appeared in another episode The Dick Van Dyke show with the responsibility of diaper entertainer ‘Racy Tracy Rattigan’. ‘The Invisibles’ is another feature in an episode of ‘The Outer Units’ where he appeared in 1964 with his new name deck Dawson. This was in the film called ‘Anyone for Murder’ which was the year’s episode of ‘The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’.

He also shot a movie in 1962 by the name ‘The longest day’. In 1965 he appeared briefly in the termination of ‘King Rat’. Dawn moved to Los Angeles where he got a reputation in the ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ acting as corporal Peter Newkirk between 1965 and 1971. Some of his albums are “His Children” and “Apples and Oranges”. Other films that he acted include “Universals Munster Go Home” and “Devils Brigade”.

Richard Dawson Net Worth

As a comedian, actor, and host, dawn earned money. He had been able to accumulate some wealth over the years. Richard Dawson has a net worth of $100 thousand.

Richard Dawn was a great actor. Dawn is well known for his role in ‘Hogan’s Heroes’. In 2nd June 2011, at the age of 79, he died. Dawn had had oesophageal cancer and at the time of his death was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Dawn will always be remembered for his excellent performance in films.