Redd Foxx Net Worth

Who was Redd Foxx and what is his net worth? John Elroy Sanford aka Redd Foxx was a famous American comedian and actor, best known for his role in 1970’s popular sitcom, Sanford and Sons. In 50’s & 60’s, Redd’s raunchy nightclub acts made him gain a lot of dishonor. In 2004, Redd Foxx was ranked as the 24th best stand-up comedian of All Time.

Redd Foxx was born on December 9, 1922, in St. Louis, Missouri. His father who was an electrician and an auto mechanic left the family when Foxx was just four years old. Redd was raised on the South side of Chicago by his half-Seminole Indian mother, Mary Hughes, and his grandmother. Foxx attended DuSable High School and had an elder brother Fred Sanford Jr. who was always supportive of him. He got his nickname Redd Foxx, the first name because of his reddish hair complexion and the last name was taken from baseball star Jimmie Foxx.

Redd Foxx Net Worth

Redd was a famous, funny man who had married four times. His first marriage to Evelyn Killebrew was for a very short duration as the couple got divorced within three years. The second time, Redd married to a showgirl and a dancer named Betty Jean Harris. Red adopted Betty’s daughter and gave her his name. After 19 years, the couple split due to their personal differences. Soon within a year, Redd married a Korean-American Yun Chi Chung but again the marriage didn’t last long and Redd divorced her in five years.

At the time of Foxx’s death, he was married to Ka Ho Cho, who still uses his name, Ka Ho Foxx. On October 11, 1991, during a break from rehearsals for The Royal Family, he suffered a heart attack on the set. First, the cast mates thought Redd is faking his own heart but later realised it was a serious issue and took him to Queen Of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where he died that evening at the age of 68.

In Foxx’s early career, he gained a lot of notoriety because of his raunchy nightclub acts. His major breakthrough came when singer Dinah Washington invited him to come to Los Angeles. Foxx then released a couple of comedy albums and became popular, in fact, Foxx was also one of the first black comics to play to white audiences on the Las Vegas Strip. The first television appearance for Foxx came in 1964 on The Today Show.

Soon he made his debut as a series regular on the NBC’s sitcom, Stanford and Sons. The show was a big hit among the audience. After five years, Foxx got an offer from ABC and was starred in The Redd Foxx Show, but the show was not successful. In 1980, Redd tried to capitalize on his earlier role of Fred Sanford in Sanford but the sitcom failed.

Redd Foxx has won many awards and was also nominated on numerous occasions. Redd’s biggest achievement was winning Golden Globe awards in 1973 for the best TV actor (Sanford and Sons). He was also nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards. Besides this, Foxx has won Image Awards and Publicist Guild of America.

Redd Foxx Net Worth

Foxx made a lot of money in his career. According to the People Magazine, Once Foxx made $4 million in a year but spend everything on his extravagant lifestyle. But things started getting worst for Redd, he had to pay $300,000 for his divorce settlement to his third wife. Soon he filed for bankruptcy, the IRS seized his home in Las Vegas and seven vehicles. IRS agents also seized $12,769 in cash and a dozen guns, including a semiautomatic pistol. At the time of his death in 1991, Foxx net worth was $3.5 million.

Even after earning millions of dollars in a year, Redd spent most of his later years dealing with the taxes and financial problems. Redd Foxx will always be a legendary comedian & will be remembered for his iconic character Fred G. Sanford, his career made many lasting impressions on American comedy.