Ravi Teja Net Worth

Who is Ravi Teja and what is his net worth 2018? Lovingly known as Mass Raj, we have seen him wallop villains, serenade the beauty, save the downtrodden and primarily, entertain us. He would jump from moving cars, fly across distances and dance to some smash hits. The man has come a long way from his humble and struggling actor days. The man is none other than Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupathiraju or Ravi Teja, the mass entertainer.

Born to a pharmacist dad, Raj Gopal Raju and a homemaker mom, Rajya Lakshmi Bhupathiraju, Ravi Teja’s childhood have been one of travel. Thanks to his dad’s travelling, primarily due to his profession, he has spent most of his younger days in Northern India. His experiences in various schools in the cities of Jaipur, Bhopal, New Delhi and Mumbai, made him the smart alec that he became.

Ravi Teja Net Worth 2018-2019

He would later complete his schooling from the N.S.M. Public School, Vijayawada and his graduation in the arts from the Siddhartha Degree College, also from Vijayawada. In the year 1988, the actor Ravi Teja travelled to Chennai to become a star. Married to Kalyani, Ravi Teja is the father to two children Mokshada and Manit.

Ravi Teja Net Worth

The mass entertainer that he is, Ravi Teja, found fame and success from a very early phase of his acting career. Starting as an assistant director in films and the television, his debut film was Nee Kosam in the year 1999 for which critics feted him. It also won for him the Nandi Awards. There was no turning back for the star.

Itlu Sravani Subramanyam (2001), Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru (2002), Idiot (2002), Khadgam (2002), Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi (2003), Venky (2004), Naa Autograph (2004), Bhadra (2005), Vikramarkudu (2006), Dubai Seenu (2007), Krishna (2008), Kick (2009), Don Seenu (2010), Mirapakaya (2011), Daruvu (2012), Balupu (2013), Power (2014), Kick 2 (2015) and Bengal Tiger (2015) followed one after the other. The juggernaut of Ravi Teja kept rolling.

Ravi Teja commands a fee amounting INR 8 CRORE per film and is worth $12 million US dollars.

He has been a brand ambassador for the footwear and sandals brand Lunar. He has also endorsed the liquor brand Lord and Master.

In his career, thus far, Ravi Teja has acted in almost 60 films. This list reflects 10 of his best and highest grossing ones. The ones which have added to the legend of the star.

1. Nee Kosam-1999
2. Annayaa – 2000
3. Idiot – 2002
4. Dongodu – 2003
5. Venky – 2004
6. Bhadra -2005
7. Vikramakudu-2006
8. Krishna -2008
9. Balupu-2013
10. Power-2014

This list is nowhere exhaustive, but the above-mentioned films have garnered spectacular success and furthered the cause of Ravi Teja.

The actor’s movies have also been remade in Hindi. Prime example being Vikramakudu. The movie made in 2006 was remade in Hindi in the year 2012, with another superstar in the lead, Akshay Kumar. It created box office magic.

Many of Ravi Teja’s movies have been dubbed into Hindi, making him quite a star among the Hindi-speaking belt of the country.

Well, all the above-mentioned films are immensely entertaining. There are few lesser known movies of the actor like Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, directed Puri Jagannadh, Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru by Vamsy and Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi. Now, these movies were all acclaimed and hits and the actor’s work were appreciated by one and all.

This man has come a long way. From a clean shaven tramp to the mustachioed policeman, Ravi Teja has played it all. With élan, aplomb, and distinction. We wish Ravi Teja all the very best for all his future endeavours.