Prakash Raj Net Worth

Who is Prakash Raj and what is his net worth 2018? Prakash raj is an Indian actor, director, comedian and television host, majorly recognised for his accomplishment and work in South Indian film industry. But a very few know that he worked hard night and day for triumphing this success and fame he has right now. He used to work for RS 300 per month for stage shows. He has contributed his efforts to more than 2000 street theater shows.

Prakash Raj was born in a middle-class family in Bangalore. The name which was given to him by his family was Prakash Rai, he changed it later on. He also has an elder brother, Prasad Raj, who is also an actor as well.

Prakash Raj Net Worth 2018-2019

His life partner’s name was Lalitha Kumari, she was also an actress but they got separated after 15 years of marriage. The couple had three children, two daughters, and one son. His son died in an accident at the age of 5. According to the news, he fell down the roof while flying a kite which was a tragedy for Prakash. He got married again in 2010 with a choreographer named Pony Verma and is still married.

After getting success from Kannada Doordarshan serials his career got a shift and he started working in movies as well. Though his appearances were small and he got only supporting roles but that was just the twitch of his career. His first Tamil debut was “Duet”. He also worked in some Malaysian films as well in 1996, some of them are “The Prince”, “Indraprastham” and “Oru Yathramozhi”

He also appeared in many Telugu films as well. Due to this appearance, he got a “National Film Award” which led him to another path of his career.

After his appearance in Wanted (2009) he started to get villain roles in Hindi/Bollywood movies. Some of the honourable mentions are Singham (2011), Mumbai Mirror (2013), Police Girl and Dabangg 2.

After getting success in acting, Prakash started taking interest in direction as well. He took the chair of a director in “Naanu Nanna Kanasu” in Kannada in 2010. But he was not the sole director of the film. The film got a lot of attention in Karnataka and became the hit of the year. Prakash was nominated as “The Best Director” for this movie.

After making his first movie successful he started working on other projects as well which include Dhoni, Oggarane, and Ulavacharu Biryani etc.

Prakash did not stop at directing he had to do more. He also explored the producing as well. The very first film he produces was “Dhaya”. This film was released in 2002. He did not just produce it but also appeared as the hero in the movie side to side Meena who was the lead actress in the movie. This movie was another success and he got “National jury Award” for his outstanding performance.

He produces his first Non-Tamil film in 2010 which was “Naanu Nanna Kanasu”. He did not just produce it but directed it as well. His career as a producer was also successful and he got many awards for his accomplishments.

Prakash Raj Net Worth

The net worth of Prakash Raj is $28 million. He typically takes up to 1.5 crore Indian rupees per appearance in a movie. The start of his career was slow but soon after his appearances in Kannada Serials, he started to get attention from other industries as well. That was because of his splendid acting skills and dialogue delivery. After that, he worked as supporting actor for a while.

There are several controversies Prakash was involved in.

He got banned from Telugu Film industry for six times due to several big heroes and producers.

His naked appearance in “Ongole Githa” was also an immense issue which is being discussed lately. On which he said that

“I did not shed my clothes for creating a sensation, I had no plans to star in that sequence. The script demanded and It; as an actor, I have to abide by the script.”

Prakash got nominated for many awards and won the majority of them as well. Following are some of his major nominees which he won.

• National Film Award for best actor in 2009 for Kanchivarm
• National Film Award for best supporting actor in 1998 for Iruvar
• Filmfare Award for Best actor in 2010 for Kanchivaran
• National Film Award-Special jury award/Special mention in 2003 for Antahpuram
These are some of the many achievements of Prakash that he had earned in his whole career.

Prakash Raj has had an adventurous life. All of his accomplishments are the result of his hard work and efforts. He deserved every success he earned. We are looking forward to what he has to offer us next. Till then we will appreciate his work and hope for the best.