Paul Mooney Net Worth

Paul Mooney is an American comedian, 76 years old who has an estimated net worth of $600 thousands US dollars. He is a writer, TV and film actor and a social critic. He hosted the BET Award 2006 and is best known for appearing on ‘‘Chappelle’s show. He has also written for comedian Richard Pryor. His excellent performances has won him prestigious awards like the BET Comedy Award in 2005. His comedy is based on racial factors which has attracted critics. He is very popular such that he might be the comedian with the highest fan following.

Paul Mooney was born on 4th August, 1941 in Shreveport, Louisiana in United States. He moved to Oakland, California seven years later. He was born to his parents George Gladney and LaVoya Ealy. He was however raised by her grandmother Aimay Ealy (Mama), who gave him the nickname Mooney after actor Paul Muni. From his childhood, he was inclined to crack jokes and later he was involved in observational and improvisational comedy. He has been active in the entertainment industry from 1965.

Paul Mooney Net Worth 2017-2018

He married and divorced his wife who is unknown to the public. The couple had four sons; Symeon Mooney, Shane Mooney, Daryl Mooney and Dwayne Mooney. Rumors had it that he was gay but that was rubbished as he appeared in the news because of his affairs with different ladies. It was sad on November 2014 when his brother announced that Paul had suffered from prostate cancer. This has however not stopped him from touring and performing his stand-up comedy act.

Mooney was comic from his childhood that made her grandma nickname him after actor Paul Muni. He became a ringmaster with the Gatti Charles Circus. As a ring master, he earned the opportunity to work as professional writer for Richard Pyror. While working for Richard, he wrote his material for ”Bicentennial Nigger”, ‘‘Is It Something I Said” and ”Live on the Sunset Strip” albums.

He also contributed many young comics like Marsha Warfield and John Witherspoon their first break into show business. He also worked with Redd Foxx’s on “Sanford and Son” and ”Good Times”. In 2006, Paul hosted the BET segment tribute to Black History Month narrating shameful incidents involving African Americans like Marrion Barry, Terrell Owens, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. In 2006 he was performing at the Apollo Theatre when his performance was stopped after criticizing President George W. Bush.

Paul Mooney cracked the joke; ‘‘White people in Boston deserved what they got and it is okay to lose a few limbs…’as long as no black got hurt it is was Okay. This happened during a performance in West Nyack, five days after Boston Marathon bombing. This made numerous audience to storm out and the remaining show was cancelled.

How much is Paul Mooney Net Worth in 2017

Paul Mooney is estimated to have a net worth $600 thousand US dollars as of 2017. He awes this fortune to the fifty years success he experienced in the entertainment industry in his life span of 76 years.

Paul Mooney is a prominent writer who released his first successful book, ” Black Is the New White”in 2007. The book talks of his partnership with Richard Pryor from when they met to their last joke. The book also reflects on his childhood life.He also share his notorious moments in life among them being organising a performers’ strike.