Paul Merton Net Worth 2019

Who is Paul Merton and what is his net worth 2019? Paul Merton is an English actor, writer, comedian and Radio who became widely popular for his tv shows like Paul Merton in China(2007), Paul in India(2008), Room 101(Since 1994), Paul Merton: The Series(1991 – 1993), Paul Merton in Europe (2010) and Have I Got News for You Since (1990). Paul Merton is known for his spontaneous creation aptitude, his cleverness being established in lifeless, dreamlike and now and then dull parody. As indicated by some of his kindred performing artist and entertainers, Paul is one of the best humorists of the United Kingdom.

He is well known as television show represents as he hosted television show Room 101 and team captain on the BBC panel game Have I Got News for You. Moreover, he appeared in many other British comedy shows as host and He appears as a panelist regularly on Radio 4’s Just a Minute. He has also appeared as one of the Comedy Store’s Comedy Store Players in London. Let’s have look at his early life and his debut as actor, comedian, and performer.

Paul Merton Net Worth

Early Life

Merton Merton was born on 9 July 1957 in Parsons Green, London. He went to St Thomas’s School, Fulham, and St Theresa elementary school. He then went to Wimbledon College which was formerly a grammar school and had just become a comprehensive where he achieved A-grade in History and English. After leaving school, Merton worked at the Tooting employment office as a clerical officer for 7 years.

Merton was already inspired by stand-up comedy and live stage shows in early life. He is ambitious to become comedian since he was the child but it was not until 1982, when he appeared in Comedy Store in Soho, he could predict his dream. He has been an individual from the London act of spontaneity gathering The Comedy Store Players since 1985, and still frequently performs with them.


He made his official introduction on channel 4’s drama demonstrate Whose Line Is It Anyway? Furthermore, the show was really embraced from BBC radio 4 to TV. He performed in “Whose Line is it at anyway?” until 1993. In the middle of, in 1990, he began another Have I Got News for You? Furthermore, alongside that he likewise began two arrangement of his own Paul Merton: The Series.

In 1995, he exhibited Paul Merton’s Palladium Story which really spoke to narrative arrangement praising the historical backdrop of the London Palladium. After that paul was unstoppable and he worked in much other television series such as Paul in India, Paul in China and Paul in Europe.

Net Worth of Paul Merton

This actor, comedian, stage performer and writer known for his versatile comedies and performing and hosting live shows. He has a net worth of $3.6 million. He is also popular on BBC radio, their television shows and on other channels as well.

Paul is the child of father, Albert Martin and Mary Ann Power an Irish Roman Catholic mother There is no information though about his spouse. When it comes to relationship Paul got married three times. In 1990, Paul Merton married actress Caroline Quentin but somehow they ended up in divorce in 1998 after they announced separation in 1997.

Paul Merton was in a relationship with producer and actress Sarah Parkinson who died just after three months of their marriage because of breast cancer. It was something paul could not get over but time healed the pain.

Paul is said to be England’s best comedian and live show performer. Currently, paul is working on other television shows after his series like Paul in Europe, Paul in China etc. He became widely popular now after his television series of his own.

Paul Merton, An amazing actor, mind boggling comedian, and deep writer is known for his contribution to the television industry and English radio channel BBC. Paul has earned name and reputation of top-notch comedian across the globe.