Paul Marcarelli Net Worth

Who is Paul Marcarelli and what is his net worth 2018? Known the world over as “The Verizon Guy” and even the “Test Man,” Paul Marcarelli earned his fame and wealth through acting and voice acting in the USA. He has worked in ads for companies of global repute such as Verizon Wireless and several other companies. He has also done voice acting for global entities such as Aetna Insurance, United Airlines and even Comedy Central! Not only this, he is also into screenwriting and associated endeavours.

Hailing from North Haven in Connecticut, Paul Marcarelli has made a name for himself acting in commercials for around two decades- from the year 2001-2014. He has also acted in commercials for Old Navy and Merrill Lynch. What is also interesting is that he has a twin brother named Matt and wears his actual own glasses in all the Verizon ads he has starred in. He is also known for the famous catchphrase in the Verizon ad “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Paul Marcarelli Net Worth 2018-2019

While the catchphrase is a reminder of his fame, it has in some occasions brought him a great deal of discomfort, like at his grandmother’s funeral, when someone mentioned the phrase as his grandmother was being lowered into the ground. Paul was married to Julie Doucet for quite some time and the marriage eventually ended in divorce. Paul is not linked to any extra-marital affairs during the period that he was married.

Paul Marcarelli is said to be a founding member of both Table Ten Films and Mobius group Productions. He was also the screenwriter for the motion picture “Sweet Flame.” Paul sprang another surprise on his fans and admirers when he became the face of Sprint, which is the arch rival and competitor to Verizon.

The Seattle International Film Festival premiered the movie “Clutter” which was written and produced by Paul, and starred Carol Kane and Natasha Lyonne. He also wrote and produced “The Green which went on to win various awards for the screenplay and the cast. He has also produced and co-produced various other works and movies which were great successes.

Paul Marcarelli Net Worth

Starring in hundreds of commercials for Verizon alone has bumped up Paul’s revue to the order of millions. But, considering the writing and producing work that he does along with the two organisations he has helped found, his net worth is estimated at $12 Million. The fact that his is a face that the world recognises makes it easy for him to obtain and retain work, as well as multiply his fame.

Paul Marcarelli is a typical High Net Worth Individual who has amassed great wealth and fame by following his passion of writing, acting and producing on a large scale and without any breaks. Paul is a Caucasian and is American, and a model one at that! He believes in living life and working without making waves in the media in terms of controversy and mayhem. This explains the fortune that Paul has managed to amass without any issues in his personal or professional life.