Paul Giamatti Net Worth

Who is Paul Giamatti and what is his net worth 2018? Paul Giamatti is an American based actor as well as a producer. He presently features in the Showtime TV based series entitled as Billions, continued for two seasons as well as it has been reintroduced for third series as well. Recognised as smallest of three children of his parents, Giamatti belonged to New Haven, located in Connecticut. Name of his father is A. Bartlett Giamatti, previously worked as a Yale University lecturer who afterwards transformed as president of university as well as commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Name of his mother is Toni Marilyn Giamatti, recognised as a homemaker as well as an English tutor and she had formerly acted. This actor appeared in Yale University. Moreover, he was active during undergraduate based theatre scene, functioning with fellow actors as well as Edward Norton and Ron Livingston. He too performed in many theatrical based productions, like Broadway as well as a period from year 1989 till 1992 through Seattle’s Annex Theater, prior performing in few minor television as well as film roles during era of early 1990s.

Paul Giamatti Net Worth

In year 1997, actor Giamatti started in his leading high-profile character in form of Kenny “Pig Vomit” Rushton within film version of Private Parts by Howard Stern. It is found that Stern acclaimed the actor’s performance frequently right on his radio based program, being nominated for Academy Award in category of Best Supporting Actor.

In year 1998, the actor performed in many supporting based roles in big-budget type of films namely, Saving Private Ryan, The Truman Show and The Negotiator. In year 1999, he performed as Bob Zmuda as well as Tony Clifton in Andy Kaufman biopic by Miloš Forman, entitled as Man on the Moon. He persisted functioning gradually in early 2000s by performing in leading studio launches including Planet of the Apes, Big Momma’s House, and Big Fat Liar.

In year 2003, Giamatti started to gain critical praise after performing his leading role done in film entitled as American Splendor. In the next year, he attained major popularity by independent romantic based comedy entitled as Sideways.

It is found that Giamatti gained his second Golden Globe based win for category of Best Actor in a Motion Picture – for Musical or Comedy on account of his character played in year 2010 based film entitled as Barney’s Version. He was featured as lead in comedy-drama based movie entitled Win Win, which gained positive reviews from censors. In that same year, the actor grossed minor roles played in The Hangover Part II, Ironclad and The Ides of March.

During year 2012, he transformed as voiceover type actor for Liberty Mutual insurance advertisements. Moreover, he was recognised as a speaker for PBS Nature episode entitled as An Original DUCKumentary. He also performs as lead character in Showtime series entitled as Billions, depicting U.S. Attorney for Southern District in New York. This particular show, started in year 2016, is roughly depended on a real life event.

Paul Giamatti Net worth

Paul Giamatti is primarily recognised as an American based actor possessing net worth of $28 million. He began his career in form of a supporting actor in many films that are produced in 1990’s. However, it was his acting in surprise hit entitled Sideways in year, which essentially grossed him a position on A-list among prominent actors.

Additional projects which Giamatti functioned on during 2000s comprise The Illusionist, Cinderella Man, John Adams, Barney’s Version, Cold Souls, and Win Win. Through his award-worthy based performances done in John Adams on HBO in year 2008 as well as Barney’s Version in year assisting him to earn a name as one among the greatest mesmerising actors of his time.

Paul Giamatti has hit half-a-century in age but his films has become a complete hit in the industry of acting. Right from 1990s, he consistently performed well in acting for diverse roles in notable films.