Patton Oswalt Net Worth

Who is Patton Oswalt and what is his net worth 2018? Patton Peter Oswalt is a well renowned American actor, voice artist, stand up comedian and last but not the least, a writer. What makes him stand out in the crowd is his innate talent in acting which has made him achieve indefeasible feats in career.He made a mark in the filming industry within a short span of time. He is remarkably known for his stunning personality and acting skills.

Some of his amazing roles include Spencer Olchin in the sitcom The King of Queens ( 1998-2007). Patton Oswalt also performed exquisitely in the films Ratatouille in 2007. He has won multitude awards over ranging from Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special and also a Grammy Award for Best Comedy album. This paved way to a startling start to his career and his opportunities in holly increased to leaps and bounds.

Patton Oswalt Net Worth 2018-2019

There are a multitude roles which have made Patton Oswalt the real star he is. Born on January 27th 1969, in Portsmouth, Virginia , he was named after General George S Patton. He is the son of Larry J Oswalt and Carla. Also, he has one younger brother who is a comedy writer. His family had military affiliation and thus he spend most of his time in Ohio and Tustin in California. In the year 1987, he did his initial education from Broad Run High School in Ashburn and Virginia. Also, he graduated from College of William and Mary which gave him enough exposure to learning acting.

According to the sources on net, Patton Oswalt married Michelle McNamara in the 2005.She is a journalist as well as a true crime writer. They gave birth to a daughter in the year 2009.However, she died in the year 2016. Oswalt got engaged and married to Meredith Salenger thereafter in the year 2017.

Oswalt became popular in the late 1980’s after his extraordinary performance in a stand up comedy. His notable performances in film and television shows made him extremely prominent among the crowds. One of such performances include The King of Queens wherein he performed the role as Spence Olchin. Some of his other films wherein he performed less popular roles include Magnolia and 22 Jump Street. Oswalt is also a well known comic writer.One of his popular books include “ JLA : Welcome to the Working Week” .

He also got starred in Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner. Also, in the year 2007, he appeared on the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav. In the same year, he got an opportunity to get starred in the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, “The Original Fry Cook”, as Jim. In 2009, Oswalt played Paul Aufier which was the leading role in Robert D. Siegel’s 2009 debut, Big Fan. Some of his other important films include Lips Together and Teeth Apart which were released in 2010.

Oswalt is also a well known comic writer. One of his popular books include “ JLA : Welcome to the Working Week” .In the year 2011, Oswalt released the book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland.

Patton Oswalt has won innumerable awards for his constant excellent performances in his acting career.In the year 2013, Patton Oswalt won the Best Guest Performer in a comedy series for “ Parks and Recreation” . Also, in the year 2017, he won the Best Comedy Album award for “Talking for Clapping”. He got nominated in several categories during his career and is well known in the acting industry.

Patton Oswalt Net Worth

Patton Oswalt’s net worth accounts to about $15 Million. His increased share of net worth can be attributed to many factors. One of the major contributing factors is his excellent acting which has made him increasingly popular among the crowds.

Patton Oswalt has made an extraordinary career in acting. He is an inspiration to all those youngers who desire to achieve success in life and have the will to chase their dreams. Patton Oswalt is definitely one of the shining stars in the filming industry internationally.