Norm Macdonald Net Worth 2018

Who is Norm Macdonald and what is his net worth 2018? Norm is a common figure that we have seen on our televisions. He is a stand-up comedian, an actor, a writer, and a producer. I am sure many people know him for his active role as an anchor for the weekend update during the Saturday Night Live. He is talented and hard working, he has a passion for what he does, and that is why he is relevant to the entertainment industry. His comedy genres include Political satire, surreal humour, black comedy, anti-humour, and wit. He is great at it and has performed many successful stand-up comedies. Norm is worthy of all the attention that he gets.

Early Life

Norman Gene Macdonald, famously known as Norm was born in the year 1959 in October. He is a Canadian born in Quebec City. His parents were teachers namely Percy and Ferne. He has a brother who is a journalist and works for CBC News. He is called Neil Macdonald.

Norm Macdonald Net Worth


In the 80s he used to perform stand-up comedies in Ottawa at clubs. He also featured in Just for Laughs comedy festival that was held in Montreal in the year 1987. In 1993, he joined Saturday Night Live produced by NBC. He used to perform impressions for other casts of the show. After Kevin Nealon had departed from SNL, he became the anchor of Weekend Update segment.

As an anchor, he was known for constantly ridiculing public figures like Michael Jackson, Hillary Clinton, O. J. Simpson, and even Marion Barry. Most of the times, he would not fail to mock Simpson and especially during his trial where he was accused of killing his wife and friend Ronald Goldman. Based on how he behaved in front of the camera, we can say that he felt right at home on screen.

In 1998, he was removed as an anchor by Don Ohlmeyer and the reasons given included low ratings. Even so, Norm did not think this was the reason but rather the reason being all the notorious jokes and comments he had been making.

After Norm had left SNL, he ventured more into film and doing voice-overs for certain characters in films. He co-wrote a ‘revenge comedy’ called Dirty Work in 1998. He voiced the character of Lucky in the film Dr. Dolittle throughout the sequel. He also featured in Family Guy the character of Death although it was short lived. He featured in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and won $500,000.

He starred in FOX sitcom called A Minute with Stan Hooper, and it lasted for six episodes. He has also signed contracts and worked with Comedy Central many times featuring in Back to Norm and also released his album called Ridiculous. Norm was also a judge on the ninth season of Last Comic Standing produced by NBC. Currently, he is paying more focus on his stand-up comedy and perfecting his game.

Net Worth of Norm Macdonald

Since Norm became a television personality, he has been part of many shows. Other than that, he has also been part of the cast of many other films. His stand-up comedy career is also doing fantastic. He is estimated to have a net worth of about $2.2 million.

Norm is a man who does not care to please anyone. This is part of the reason why he thinks he was fired from SNL. What you can learn from his is that he trusts in himself even if his actions have a different outcome. Norm has been a public figure that many people can relate to. We wish him more success as he focuses on his career.