Noah Wyle Net Worth

The heartthrob of the cult medical drama series “ER” needs no introduction, with his killer smile making girls swoon throughout the world. Noah Wyles is best known for being an Actor on various successful and long-running TV shows and a few movies as well. He is best known for being the eye candy in whatever show or movie he is cast in. This may come off as a negative stereotype to some, but it actually worked to his favour to give him his first break in his acting career.

Noah was born on the 4th of June 1971, making him 43 years old at the moment. He is known to be a great actor who is consistent with his performances and conduct on and off the set. He was born in Los Angeles in the US and is a tall drink of water for all you ladies out there. He has a toned physique that gets him a lot of publicity with the press and still stays away from social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Noah Wyle Net Worth 2017-2018

He also stays away from Instagram. Marrying Tracy Warbin in 2000 brought him a lot of happiness and stability in the fickle career of acting. But this happy marriage was not meant to be when it ended in a Divorce in the year 2009. He finally found love with Sarah Wells in the year 2014 with no sign of marital discord in the marriage. He has two siblings Aaron and Alex. And he has three beautiful children that he loves very much.

Noah Wyle has a very eventful career with acting in both TV and movies. His widespread success is somewhat limited to the small screen with him scoring small victories at the box office with his movies. Movies such as, Nothing But the Truth, The World Made Straight and The Myth of Fingerprints and the Librarian franchise has had lukewarm response and reception at the box office, with him ignoring the negative aspects of such career limitations.

But the TV fraternity loves him by making him famous through various shows such as ER, The Larry Sanders Show, Lab Rats and Phineas and Ferb. He won an award for his role in the ER drama series, and it was a SAG award which is prestigious.

How much is Noah Wyle Net Worth in 2017

His success and fame as a TV star has brought him a lot of money as well, with him having a net worth of over $20 Million US dollars through acting fees, guest appearances and show royalties. Just like Seinfeld or Friends shows, the ER shows generate a constant sum of money through re-airing of the said shows. And each time the show is aired, a certain sum of money is paid to the actors as well.

Noah Wyle is a great actor who has had varying levels of success in TV as well as the big screen. He has been well rewarded for his success as an actor through his massive net worth of over $20 Million!