Neel Sethi Net Worth 2018

Who is Neel Sethi and what is his net worth 2018? For the kids of today’s generation, Neel Sethi is the face and voice of Mowgli. This young actor has lived up to the expectations of all the 90’s kids who had imagined how it is like to be Mowgli. This Indian origin actor was just 12 while he came up for the audition. Sethi has a charming boyish face with a beautiful baby smile and a very jolly personality. Among the thousands who had appeared for auditions, he became director’s favourite. After the screening of the film, it is known to everyone, why he was the chosen one.

Early Life

Indian origin American Actor Neel Sethi was born on 22nd December 2003 in New York. He belongs from a Panjabi family and feels very connected to India. He comes to India to visit his maternal grandparents. In New York, he lives with his parents who are dentists and his elder sister. He is a very enthusiastic basketball and football player. He also has a profound interest in baseball. When it comes to films Chris Evans and Matthew Perry are his favourite actors and he is a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra.

Neel Sethi Net Worth

His favourite film is Captain America. He loves humming along with the songs of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and One Direction. The cute little Mowgli boy spent his earlier days in Sirsa as he told in an interview after the film, The Jungle Book was released.

He loves Indian cuisine. Golgappas are his favourite and he can have 27 in one go. Apart from that, parathas, dosas, lamb biriyani, and gulab jamun are his all time favourite food. He even loves lobster ravioli.

Education: He was in an elementary school while he got selected for Mowgli’s role. He is still studying in school. He wants to grow up to become a dentist like his parents.

Net Worth of Neel Sethi

Jungle Book was the debut film of Neel Sethi where he played the role of Mowgli. The estimated net worth the young actor is approximately of $1 million.

Sethi is too young yet has earned fame globally. He has a huge fan following who hope that he would one day become one of the most talented actors. Apart from Jungle book, he also acted in a short film Diwali, which had also earned him wide acclamation.

Facts during the shoot about Neel Sethi

• He had no idea about acting and thus followed his director word by word
• He had difficulty in shooting as he had mud all over his body and they were itching
• He owns a German shepherd as a pet and is a dog lovers, thus the wolves were his favourite creatures
• He had not read The Jungle Book before he got chance in the movie
• He says he can relate to the character of Mowgli as he is as flamboyant and free spirited. He is also very persistent
• His director was all in praise as the child actor behaved very naturedly although it was his debut movie.
• Baloo the bear, is his favorite character as he believes that he cares a lot and is a happy to go person
• After acting in the movie he had re-read the book several times and has also visited the house where Rudyard Kipling lived in India.

Young and talented Neel Seethe is loved by all. According to his director, he did not have any issue while working with him. Sethi said that since he knew nothing about acting or filming followed his director word by word. He is one of the blooming actors and we hope to see him holding a strong foot in the film industry.