Mike Tornabene Net Worth 2018

Who is Mike Tornabene and what is his net worth 2018? This is a new generation. You do not have to be a film star or a rock star to become a celebrity today. Producing videos on the social media can also make you a big star. In fact, the younger generation of today looks up to such stars for inspiration. Mike Tornabene is one such comedy writer cum producer of video on YouTube.

Writing comedy is an art. It is very easy to make people cry. However, to make people laugh is a tough job. It requires great skill to do that. Mike Tornabene has it in plenty. Along with his long-time friend, Gian Hunjan, they formed a terrific pair capable of tickling the rib bones at will.

Mike Tornabene Net Worth

Creator of the character Dom Mazzetti and Bro Science, Mike and Gian were friends since their schooling days at North Hunterdon High School, New Jersey. They first met when they were in the second grade. This friendship has lasted beyond their college life well into their profession as well.

Actually, Mike Tornabene can pass off as an ordinary college student having a casual drink in the bar. However, the character Dom Mazzetti has become extremely popular. This popularity makes it difficult for the pair to move around in public without the young generation mobbing them. They have a tremendous following among students and the young professionals.

The idea for starting their comedy partnership started at a restaurant that Mike and Gian used to frequent. This restaurant used to be full of criminals and gangsters. Both Mike and Gian had the uncanny ability to entertain such people. They had a tremendous sense of comic timing.

Even though Mike and Gian went to different colleges, they corresponded over video chat while finalising their scripts. They started their partnership with a Facebook page in the name of Mike and Gian comedy. They uploaded their first comedy video, ‘The Intern’. After graduation from NJU in 2010, they took up some odd jobs to make a living. One of their jobs was escorting an autistic boy to school, taking him on trips and entertaining him.

You can see the shades of crime in their character Dom Mazzetti because they conceived this character in a place full of criminals. They centered the concept of Dom on the UPS bomb scare. This video got good feedback from the audience thereby encouraging the duo to pursue with the idea.

The YouTube has become the perfect place for people to earn some quick money. Of course, you should have the talent to cash in on the success.

Education: Mike had his initial schooling in New Jersey. After finishing his school, he joined New Jersey University. Subsequently, he went to the NYU Tisch School of Arts to refine his skills. Though both Mike and Gian went to the same school, they attended different colleges. However, they maintained contact with video chat and other means.

Net Worth of Mike Tornabene

Mike Tornabene, the man behind the concept of Dom Mazzetti is worth $1 million. It is a great feeling for Mike because he did not have a single cent in his pocket when he finished his education. He had to do odd jobs to eke out a living. However, he had the talent to persevere. This paid dividends. His character Dom Mazzetti became an instant hit with the younger generation. This was a new concept but it clicked. This is the new trend today. More and more people are switching over to producing such videos. The results are instantaneous.

Mike Tornabene is more famous as Dom Mazzetti. People know him more by this name than his original one. This is ample proof that he has succeeded in his endeavour to entertain people.

This pair vows to create such funny videos in the future as well. They have the main objective of entertaining people.

This is the new trend today. People prefer to view short films and comedy skits to the long feature films. Gradually, these films might just swamp the scene in the future. However, Mike has made a great beginning. He plans to carry forward his good work in the future as well.