Mike Smith Net Worth 2019

Who is Mike Smith and what is his net worth 2019? Mike Smith is a musician and actor from Canada. He had worked in many movies, played some of the title tracks and acted different characters. He played hockey for his high school team. He is an all-rounder. Details about his personal Life, biography, career and net worth is mentioned in the article below.

Early Life

Mike Smith was born on August 27, 1972 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He comes from an upper middle class family. He was an aspiring child since his childhood. He started learning guitar when he was 6 years old and expertised in it. He played hockey for his high school team and performed really well. Then after graduation he turned his field of interest from sports towards entertainment.

Mike Smith Net Worth


From year 1995, he started acting and is still engaged in this field. He went to play guitar in a rock band and signed a deal with Nettwerk, United States and with EMI, Canada. He then got more opportunities to be a part in other music albums and songs. He played a character bubbles, who appeared as the biggest geek in the universe, wearing heavy glasses, making stupid faces and trying to make people laugh. This character was appreciated deeply all over and made Mike gain great popularity and fan following.

Lively child, over enthusiastic and dynamic in nature. Mike Smith was hard to stop since he was young. He started playing guitar at the age of 6. He played hockey and was a good actor and had a great sense of humour. Everybody knew Mike will mark his name on clouds. He completed his studies from Glasgow and went to St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia for his degree.

At the age of around 20 years, Mike Smith formed a rock band naming it Sandbox. It was a band of five members. Mike played Guitar for them. They gained popularity in New Glasgow, Canada. His rock band signed two record deals with EMI, Canada and NETTWERK, US. He worked as a musician in many movies and videos.

He played in Get Brave, with Emm Gryner also he played actor cum guitarist in the video series Trailer Park Boys and related spin offs. He was also in a short relationship with famous actress Nichole Hiltz. It was a sweet romantic but short relationship.

The most prominent milestone in Mike Smith’s life in aspects of career is the evergreen series Trailer Park Boys. It was unintentional to get a role in it for Mike.

Before he had worked in music albums and had a natural talent to get into the character and justify it to its fullest. Previously he had a small role in the series, but due to his audience attracting capability he was able to become one of the favourite character in the cast.

So eventually his part in the story increased and now he is one of the three leads in the cast. Mike as bubbles (the character from Trailer Park Boys) is loved by the TBP fans. The sequel and spin-offs are always including Bubbles in the cast. Trailer Park Boys is one of the most liked web series in Canada and United States.

It the fact that once a person starts getting fame, he unavoidably also starts getting in controversies. He was arrested at the age of 44, on 1st April 2016 for an alleged case of violence with a lady in a hotel, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, California. He was taken into remand by police. He payed $20,000 US dollars for getting bail.

The cast for Trailer Park Boys defended Mike, saying that the case was misreported and the person who called police was not an eyewitness. He was not present at that place on that time also the lady later released a statement that she is a good friend of Mike Smith and she didn’t feel any kind of danger from Mike that day. Thus the accusation was removed and case was closed on 29th April 2016.

Net Worth of Mike Smith

Mike Smith’s net worth is $2.3 million. He has made all his fortune by his hard-work and determination. He is a nice and fun loving guy. He lives in Thorburn, in his self earned house. He lives a respectable life.