Mickey Rourke Net Worth 2019

Who is Mickey Rourke and what is his net worth 2019? Mickey Rourke Jr. is a retired boxer, actor and screenwriter from America. Mickey has appeared in action, thriller and drama films as a leading man. in his early years Rourke trained In 1991, he left acting to become a professional boxer.

Early Life

Mickey was born on 16 September 1952 in Schenectady, New York to Annette and Philip Andre Rourke Sr. When Rourke was six years old his parents divorced. After that, his mother married to a Miami Beach officer. His step has five sons and he has one younger brother and sister. They moved to South Florida from where he did graduation. He studied at Miami High School. When Mickey was a teenager he was very much interested in sports. He took the self-defense training from the Boys Club of Miami.

Mickey Rourke Net Worth

At the club, he learned boxing skills and decided on an amateur career. When Mickey was 12 years old he won his first boxing match and continued boxing training from the 5th Street Gym in Miami. In 16 Rourke started the training with former World Welterweight Champion Luis Rodriquez.

Luis was number one rated middleweight boxer in the world. During the training, Mickey received a concussion in a sparring match. In 1971 again he got a concussion. After that, he was told by the doctors to take a year off. To take rest Rourke took temporary retirement from the ring. Rourke also holds the record of 27 wins and 3 defeats.

Mickey dated celebrities such as Sasha Volkoya and Terry Farrell. He married to Debra Fever in 1981. Mickey met her on the set of Hardcase. After eight years the couple got divorced. In 1992 Mickey married to Otis co-star of Wild Orchid but again the marriage ended in December 1998.

During his school he played a small acting role in the direction of Jay W Jensen. He never had an interest in acting so he never appeared in any other school production. After the temporary retirement, one of his friends was directing a play and one actor quit the play so Mickey got that part and after that role, Rourke started to love the acting. He borrowed $400 from his sister and went to New York to take acting lessons from Sandra Seacat.


He was selected to the Actor Studio ij his first audition and his audition was considered as one of the best audition in past 30 years. His first appearance was in the show The Wrestler. In the late 1970s, he appeared in television films. His debuted film was Steven Spielberg’s 1941 in which he got a small role.

The first time he got the significant attention from the role of an arsonist in Body Heat. With the film, 9½ Weeks he gained the sex symbol status. Some of his popular films are Barfly, Year of the Dragon, Angel Heart etc. The film Angel Heart was nominated for several awards though the role of Rourke was considered as controversial in the US but well received in Europe.

Eventually, Rourke’s career became overshadowed and directors find it difficult to work with him. According to some directors, it is very dangerous to work with Mickey on the set because you never know what he is going to do. In 1991 he decided to go back to the boxing and initially won six matches. He played internationally in countries such as Japan, Spain, and Germany.

Mickey Rourke won several awards and accolades for his work in the entertainment industry. Some of the awards won by him are Boston Society of Film Critics Award, National Society of Film Critics, Saturn Award, Chicago Film Critics Association, Golden Globe Award, etc.

Net Worth of Mickey Rourke

Estimated net worth of Mickey Rourke is around $16 million.

Mickey Rourke is a successful actor as well as a professional boxer. He is an inspiration for the young generation who wants to pursue a career in games as well as in acting.