Michael Jai White Net Worth

Who is Michael Jai White and what is his net worth 2018? Michael Jai White is acknowledged as an American based martial artist and actor. He has worked in many films as well as television series. Moreover, the actor is the leading African American for depicting prominent comic book superhero in key motion picture, having featured as Al Simmons, the character in year 1997 based film entitled Spawn. You may be wandering to get details of net worth of Michael Jai White, you can get it below:

Brooklyn, in New York is the birthplace of White. He relocated to Bridgeport, in Connecticut when he was a teen and here he completed graduation from a high school in year 1985. Basically, he is recognised as a talented martial artist, possessing black belts in total seven diverse styles.

Michael Jai White Net Worth 2018-2019

These styles are Taekwondo, Shotokan, Goju Ryu (for this he learnt below Eddie Morales and he he educated to improve his Goju type karate based technique), Tang Soo Do, Kobudo, Wushu as well as Kyokushin, through a precise emphasis on Kyokushin He began training in field of martial arts during early age seven in Jujutsu and later Shotokan transferring to new styles.

White’s initial prominent featuring role as well as breakout type performance was done in year 1995 HBO based film entitled as Tyson, in form of a heavyweight boxer named Tyson. The actor depicted the eponymous role in year 1997 movie entitled Spawn, positioning him as the leading African American based person to depict a key comic book entitled superhero inside chief motion picture.

It is found that his contribution made in Spawn grossed him a recommendation mainly for Blockbuster Entertainment Award in category of Best Male Newcomer. In year 2003, he was featured in Busta Rhymes’ as well as Mariah Carey music video entitled as “I Know What You Want”. After year 2003, other than his on-screen roles, he has been busy working on voice work, comprising Static Shock as well as Justice League.

Moreover, White performed character of the mob boss named Gambol in year 2008 film entitled The Dark Knight. He too featured in a film entitled Blood and Bone as well as blaxploitation homage entitled Black Dynamite, both launched in year 2009. He even wrote scripts intended for Black Dynamite as well as his future 3 Bullets in that he features with Bokeem Woodbine.

Furthermore, he was too featured in a short film entitled Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, in role of Jax Briggs, and also he re-enacted the character in Mortal Kombat: Legacy, known as a webseries made from that same director.

From period 2005 till 2011, White got married to Courtney Chatham and this couple have one daughter -Morgan. Other than that, White is having two sons. It was in year 2014 that White declared his engagement to actress named Gillian Iliana Waters. In the next year, they both got married in one close, but profligate ceremony held in Thailand.

In the same year, he too penned an appealing open letter through medium of Facebook termed as “Apologies to My Ex’s”. In this, he credited Waters for assisting him to become the best version of himself.” It is found that in year 2014 he was honoured by the Fists of Legends Decade Award held at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in HBO.

Michael Jai White Net worth

Michael Jai White excelled in two careers i.e. acting and martial art and amassed great net worth of $5 million. You can imagine his wealth as he possesses black belts in seven diverse styles of martial arts and he began training when he was just eight years of age. He also earned by being a former teacher. He earned noticeably by performing lead character in year 1997’s Spawn. Apart from this, he earned well by doing few voice work like the one for the Justice League.

Michael Jai White is prominent by his on screen roles as an actor, but he has too contributed excellently by offering his voice work in his career. As he was trained martial art right from his childhood, today he is an accomplished martial artist too.