Michael Dorn Net Worth

Who is Michael Dorn and what is his net worth 2018? Michael Dorn is a well-known American voice actor. He is best known for his role of Klingon Worf in the franchise of Star Trek series. You can also recognise him from movies like ‘Colonel Worf’, ‘Shadow Hours’, ‘Santa Clause Trilogy’, ‘Lessons for an Assassin’, ‘The Sandman’, and ‘Star Trek’.

Michael Dorn was born in 1952 on 9th December to Fentress Dorn Jr, and Allie Lee. He was born and brought up in Texas, USA.

Michael Dorn Net Worth 2018-2019

Dorn completed his education from Pasadena City College, where he studied television and radio production.

Michael has a beautiful wife named Kelly, however, Dorn lives a very private life, so we are not sure whether the couple has any kids together or not. He is rarely seen with his wife. He likes to stay away from media and only concentrates on his work as an actor.

Michael is also a cancer survivor, who has battled his way through the disease and moved on with his life beautifully. He has talked about his experience with cancer in several interviews.

Michael Dorn is licensed pilot who enjoys flying and is also an official member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations. He has flown planes like Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. He is an owner of a North American Sabreliner jet plane. Michael loyally follows a vegan lifestyle.

Michael Dorn started off his acting career in 1976, making a small cameo in ‘Rocky’. Since then he has done over 25 movies including ‘Star Trek Series’, ‘Shadow Hours’, ‘Lessons For an Assassin’, ‘The Prophet’s Game’, ‘The Santa Clause 2’, ‘The Man from Earth: Holocene’, ‘Fight of the Warrior’, ‘The Deep Below’, and ‘Ted 2’.

He has also worked on several popular television series like ‘SWAT Kats: The Radical Squdron’, ‘Superman: The Animated Series’, ‘Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys’, ‘Amanda and the Alien’, ‘Justice League’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’, ‘Adventure Time’, ‘Danny Phantom’, ‘Duck Dodgers’, and ‘Megas XLR’. He initially made his television debut in 1979 with ‘CHiPs’.

Michael Dorn has also given his voice to multiple video game characters like John in ‘Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers’, Captain Steven Dana in ‘Mission Critical’, Thok Mak in ‘Star Trek: Klingon Academy’, Duke Archillus in ‘Emperor: Battle for Dune’, Gatatog Uvenk in ‘Mass Effect 2’, Marcus in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’, Maero in ‘Saints Row IV’, and Narrator in ‘Mastor of Orion’.

Michael Dorn has won and has also been nominated for multiple prestigious awards in the entertainment business. He has won 2 ‘BTVA Television Voice Acting Award’ and a nomination for ‘OFTA Television Award’. He has a huge fan base, of video game lovers who like to follow his interviews and other works.

Michael Dorn Net Worth

Michael Dorn has an estimated net worth of over $5 million. He has made his net worth by giving his voice in multiple commercials, cartoons series, and movies. He gets royalty worth thousand dollars, for giving his voice to several iconic video games characters.

Michael Dorn is without a doubt one of the richest and most popular voice actors, in Hollywood, his voice overs in Super hero movies have made him so popular that his fans can recognise him easily with a single sound. He is amongst the few voice artists in Hollywood, who has also managed to make his presence known through his live action films. People love his acting and his voice over skills. He has given his voice to some of most iconic video games character, animation cartoons, and movie series.