Max Hodges Net Worth 2019

Who is Max Hodges and what is his net worth 2019? Max Hodges is an actor that lives in the United States of America. His popularity grew when he was working on TMZ from 2007 to 2013, TV series “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and the “Family Guy”. Now he has a huge presence on social media platforms, on his Facebook page he has 9.5K followers and on Instagram he has 33.5K followers.

Early Life

Max Hodges was born on February 4th 1981, in Santa Cruz, California. He grew in his hometown but when he turned 18, he decided to move to Los Angeles to get ahead up with his career. There’s no information about his parents anywhere, maybe they left him, or maybe he left them, He keeps saying that he doesn’t have any plans for his real life but to make his mom proud.

Max Hodges Net Worth

Max Hodges was living with his brother in an apartment in West Hollywood for two months. Max had 1 brother, his name is Beau Hodges. He thought that his brother can move to southern California with him, but his brother was going to be a father at that time, so he decided to move to Manhattan Beach alone, but it took him 3 years to do that because his brother needed him and it took a little time to find an apartment there.

Max claims that he doesn’t have any girlfriends or any relationship. His home is in Manhattan Beach, California. Max Hodges enjoys surfing a lot, he does it whenever he has a free time. Max Hodges is now 37 years old.

After college, Hodges chooses to travel the world. He went to Europe, he also surfed in Costa Rica when was his favourite spot. Max Hodges worked first as a fashion model, then he worked in an adult sitcom “Family Guy” which received some criticism. After that, he worked as a runner for the TV news “Extra”. Last one, the most work that got him famous is at TMZ, he was seen on TMZ TV, TMZ website live chat and even TMZ live.

Net Worth of Max Hodges

First, Hodges worked as a fashion model. His second worthy job was in the “Family Guy”, an adult sitcom, the first episodes of this were being viewed by many, about 22 million views. Later he worked on “Extra” news as a runner. In 2005, TMZ, the celebrity and entertainment website was launched and Hodges here got all his popularity.

Then he starting his career and “The Dirty” website. Furthermore, Max Hodges was a part of the TV series “The Million Matchmaker” and this one made him earn a good amount of popularity. He also was involved in market trades, he liked doing it. Max Hodges net worth is around $3.5 Million.

Max Hodges wealth didn’t begin with TV. He started as a fashion model, then he worked his career up, he was the clip clearance producer for the TV show TMZ, he had many appearances including “Family Guy”, “The Million Matchmaker” and others. Max Hodges now lived in California.