Max Baer Jr Net Worth 2019

Who is Max Baer Jr and what is his net worth 2019? Max Baer Jr is acknowledged as an American based actor, producer, director and screenwriter. Till now, this actor is finest recognised for performing as Jethro Bodine, known as a dim-witted nephew of Jed Clampett (role performed by Buddy Ebsen) right on The Beverly Hillbillies. It is known that after the demise of Donna Douglas during year 2015, Baer accepted the position of last surviving member of the main cast of the particular show. You may be wandering to get precise details of net worth of Max Baer Jr, who is now an aged celeb, get more details below:

Early Life

Oakland, located in California is known to be the birthplace of Baer. He is a son of boxing champion named Max Baer and his wife named Mary Ellen Sullivan. This actor’s father possessed Jewish, German and Scots-Irish origin. Names of his brother and sister are respectively James Manny and Maude Baer, both are elder to him. The actor’s uncle was known to be a boxer and actor named Buddy Baer. Discussing his education, Baer received a bachelor’s degree in business administration field through a minor in philosophy.

Max Baer Jr Net Worth

Initial acting role of Baer was made in Goldilocks and the Three Bears in England during year 1949. He started acting officially in year 1960 at Warner Bros., in which he created appearances mainly on TV programs like Surfside 6, Maverick, Cheyenne, Hawaiian Eye, The Roaring 20s, as well as 77 Sunset Strip.


It is known that his career accelerated after span of two years, while he associated with a cast of The Beverly Hillbillies. It was in year 1962 that Baer was featured in a role of the doltish named Jethro Bodine, son of cousin of Jed Clampett. It established to be the climax of his entire acting career as well as a role for which this celeb is greatest remembered.

After a cancellation of The Beverly Hillbillies during year 1971, he did many guest appearances on TV, however he soon found that his acting based career fraught on the “small screen” through typecasting.

Apart from this, he has directed year 1979 based comedy entitled as Hometown U.S.A. prior taking retirement to his house at Lake Tahoe, located in Nevada. He continues to create infrequent guest based appearances on television.

Once Baer has stated that performing as Jethro Bodine descended his acting career. While Henning requested him to reprise a role for a year 1981 based TV movie, he rejected it. But when the feature film entitled as The Beverly Hillbillies was created after span of 22 years, reports mentioned that Baer’s displeasure which just Ebsen was requested to make a cameo. Later, he made appearance in year 1993 TV special entitled as The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies, re-enacting his character as Jethro.

Net Worth of Max Baer Jr

Max Baer, Jr. is by now identified as an American based actor, director, producer, and a screenwriter holding net worth of $55 million. His income started early as he started acting inside England during late 40s, and later started working on diverse projects for Warner Brothers, like, “Maverick”, “Surfside 6”, “77 Sunset Strip”, as well as “Cheyenne”.

Also during early 60s, he was featured in a character which renowned him a household name, by name of Jethro Bodine on “The Beverly Hillbillies”, adding to his income. His year 1974 based film entitled as “Macon County Line”, obtained a record for the maximum grossing film per dollar invested till “Blair Witch Project” was launched in year 1999.

Apart from this, in year 1985, he started scrutinising the gambling industry. Also, he noted that travellers funded a US$5 to US$6 fee to travel the “Ponderosa Ranch”, known as the location for shooting few episodes of TV’s Bonanza.

Max Baer Jr is almost of age 80, but if you glance at his career spanning many decades, there is no sign of his failure. This actor is now chiefly attentive on casino development, as well as he is presently building a “Beverly Hillbillies”- known as a themed hotel as well as casino in Nevada.