Maurice Benard Net Worth 2019

Who is Maurice Benard and what is his net worth 2019? Maurice Benard or Mauricio Morales was born on 1st March 1963, in Martinez, California. His father is believed to be from Nicaragua and mother from San Salvador. He is one successful American actor who has played roles in different genres and showed his acting skills quite well. He is specially been remembered for his role as Michael “Sonny” Corinthos in General Hospital, a show that was being telecasted on ABC soap opera since 1993.

Early Life

Benard was diagnosed with bipolar when he was just 22 years of age. However, later he recovered from it and since then has started taking the disorder seriously and even become a spokesperson for its treatment. He is associated with ‘Mental Health America’ and is contributing well with them on bipolar disorder. Even his ever remembered character as Sonny Corinthos also has the same disorder and he dealt with it well. Maurice is also recognised as former CES Middleweight Champion and ROC Welterweight Champion.

Maurice Benard Net Worth

On August 11, 1990, Maurice Benard married Paula Smith and the couple had 3 children namely, Cailey Sophia, Cassidy Rose and Joshua James until lately, they adopted Paula’s sister’s daughter, Heather Ann Smith Benard after her mother’s death. The family is fond of animals and has many pets in their home. All of them, along with their pets live is Temecula, California.

Education: Maurice was not much inclined towards traditional education system, the reason why he opted for education in the open job market after graduating from high-school. He was in his twenties when he started his career as modelling.

Net Worth of Maurice Benard

Maurice’s estimated net worth is about $2.4 million. Apart from his career in TV shows, he was also indulged in some movies.

Benard family lives in Temecula, California in their lavish house. The house is been spread in 4.180 acres area with the estimated market value as $2349584. With 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, the house is well decorated and maintained by the family. The Benard couple along with their 4 children and a number of pets altogether currently lives there.


His career started way back in 1987 with “All my Children” as Nico Kelly which is now more than 30 years ago. The show telecasted from 1987 to 1990. After that Maurice didn’t get the time to look back. With his high rated performances, offers from different producers keep on coming to him and he keeps on working and showing his talent. Apart from his successful career in TV industry, he also made quite a good impression in some of the movies like Confession and Crystal Clear.

However, he signed his first movie in the year 1991 which was Lethal Charm. He recalls, that during his initial days he was told by many that he won’t be able to make his career in acting and modeling but he proved everyone wrong with his hard work and talent. Here is a list of some of his remarkable roles:


General Hospital (1993-2009)
Port Charles (2 episodes, 2000)
Dark Justice (1 episode, 1992)
Stat (1 episode, 1991)
DEA (1 episode, 1990)
All My Children (1987-1990)


Confession (2010)
Crystal Clear (2000)
Restraining Order (1999)
Operation Splitsville (1999)
To Face Her Past (1996)
Mi vida loca/My Crazy Life (1993)
Ruby (1992)
Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter (1991)
Lethal Charm (1991)

Apart from being nominated for a number of awards for both his roles in television and films, his most remarkable achievement is the Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding lead actor in the year 2003. He also got awarded for Outstanding Lead Actor in 1996 Soap Opera Digest.

Again in the year 2000 and 2003, he got nominated for Opera Digest Award for favorite lead actor and outstanding lead actor respectively, which he managed to win easily. In the year 2007, Maurice got PRISM Award from Entertainment Industries Council. Also in the same year, he received “Performance in a Daytime Drama” award which was the first ever award in the category.

Maurice Benard is one humble person as his humanitarian services are well acknowledged by the charities he indulges with. Being seen and suffered the troubles of a bipolar disorder, he promotes the mental health and cancer awareness programs. He also contributes a lot to children’s charity. He is an active member of different associations that work for mental health issues and the stigmas attached to it.

He participates in various programs with Los Angeles County Department of Health since 2011. Their work on “Profiles of Hope” is actively supported by Maurice to erase the stigma that people with mental illness deal with. He is a spokesperson for different associations, among which Entertainment Industries Council in recognition with National Mental Health brings its series of Public Announcements.

He is also involved with The Pacific Shores Hematology-Oncology Foundation that provides its service to people of Los Angeles and Orange County with its wide range of services that includes upliftment of people suffering from cancer and other related diseases, their education and improving the quality if the life they are living. They also work for their treatment and welfare.

Along with these, he is one dedicated person when it comes to humanitarian works that can be seen by his association with some other charities like BRIDGE FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW since May 2008, DEPRESSION & BIPOLAR SUPPORT ALLIANCE since 2006 and NMHA “DO YOU KNOW IT?” campaign since 2003. For his humble work for the betterment of the society he was recognised and given NAMI’s Lionel Aldridge Award and Didi Hirsch “Erasing the Stigma Leadership Award”.

Maurice Benard is a great personality and an amazing actor that America has produced. He loves martial arts and boxing and practice both with passion, the reason why with 54 years of age he is still as fit as he could. His love for pets is also not hidden from anyone as he owns about 30 pets that include dogs, cats, snakes, birds and exotic fishes. He follows Al Pacino as he is among hid favourite actors.

With only 22 years of age, he had to suffer from bipolar disorder, later which got cured and lead Maurice to become the spokesperson of the same. This daytime Emmy award winner actor has a lot to show us in the coming future and has to prove his worth to his fans. All of us are waiting to see him with more flying colors in the coming days.